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Wire Diagram for Metris Van.

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I've been searching for the wire diagram for the Metris Van to help me install a Viper 5906V security alarm system. I've been to two professional car alarm installers but found they would not touch the Metris other than just sell me the alarm. I'll need a wire diagram for the Metris to assist with the installation. I've asked my Metris sales person and also their Mercedes Benz Sprinter repair shop if they could install the alarm for me or at least provide me with the wire diagram so I could do it myself. No luck. If any of you Metris owners know where I could obtain the wire diagram I would very much appreciate hearing from you. By the way, I tried to get my Metris cargo van built with more options including the security alarm but was informed my build would take 6 months before it was ready for delivery. I could not wait that long so bought what they had on the lot with the plan to install an alarm myself. I've installed many car alarms in the 80's and 90's when I was operating a locksmith business but cars back then were a lot easier to work with.
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Sounds like you may need the Metris service manual but I'm not sure if the wire diagram is included in it. Don't suppose you know someone who works at a Mercedes dealership that can give you a peek at one?

I couldn't find an online copy for you. :crying:
You'll either have to be at the dealership or have remote netstar access for Starwiring.
Thanks for checking online. The closest thing I found online is for the Vito 2005.

I've talked with my local Mercedes dealer service manager in person but they do not have or know about the wire diagram for the Metris. I'm planning now to use the fuse allocation supplement manual and test for the target wires with a 12 volt meter. Once I find the correct wires to connect into
I'll be able to install the alarm.
Good luck, let us know how it goes. Keep track of which wires you use.

You can get the wiring diagram from this website. This is the official MBZ Commercial Vans factory service manual website. They offer a one day access for $19. Let us know if you find what you need there. I'm looking for wiring diagram too, to figure out how to wire a backup sensor without splicing any wires and voiding the warranty.

I have not tried the website yet, but am very curious on the quality of info it offers.


I have the passenger van. Took delivery on New Year's day. (I love the van, but kind of feel i'm over my head since it's so big and hard to backup without camera nor backup sensor)
They do sell wireless back up cams. I saw one at Aldi (of all places) for $69.99.

(Aldi is a German owned discount grocery chain, and if you don't know it, fix that! Their store brand stuff is the finest food bargain on the market)
I have not tried the website yet, but am very curious on the quality of info it offers.
Ev-er-y-thing. That is the website we go to for all our info. That website opens WIS, EPC, etc.
(Actually, I use startekinfo, but 6 of 1, 7 of another)
Hi RobbMeeX,

are you located in California by any chance?

Thank you for all the suggestions.

Thanks for the CV link. I subscribe and did go into the website today. The cost was actually $60 not $19 for 24 hours. The website has a lot of useful information on the Metris and Sprinter. For my needs I looked at the CV wiring to ID wires to install a alarm. I found the wires I'm looking for and the locations. I should be able to get my Viper alarm installed with the help of this information and my experience installing alarms in the past.

You mentioned you'd like to install a back up sensor or back up camera without connecting into the wires. I would suggest a wireless back up monitor that plugs into the cigarette lighter. They are very affordable on eBay. For the attached wireless camera the positive power for the back up camera can be tapped in to one of the rear reversing lights and the negative ground can be connected to a close convenient part of the metal frame with a self tapping sheet metal screw. My Metris came with a reverse camera but I also had a concern with the rear right side blind spot when backing out of a parking stall. My solution was install a 2nd back up camera and monitor (wireless) but with the camera facing out from the rear right with the mini camera installed in a hole I made through the black plastic rear molding just above the rear light. Now when I back out of a stall I can clearly see my rear view in the factory monitor as well as the rear right view on another monitor that I installed close to the front cup holder. The mini camera is not very noticeable and this set up is working well for me.
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Can you post the wiring diagram you used here please ?

I have talked to car toys and best buy and neither one will touch it to install an alarm.

I wish I had know that before I made the purchase. I really like the van but since I use it to store my tools I really need an alarm on it.

Any info would be appreciated.
I would find a place that does alarms for Sprinters. Both use the same basic Mercedes can-bus so I would imagine they'd be willing.

When servicing a Mercedes, always use somebody that knows them. All the BS about all cars being the same is just that. Mercedes are different on a fundamental level.
I am picking up my new Metris Cargo Van on Thursday. Got a 2016 demo model for a great price. I will install a trailer hitch for my small utility trailer. I am amazed that I cannot find a wiring diagram. Does anyone have one?

MB offers a battery backed up tow package which I do not have. I just plan on splicing into the existing tail light wiring with a flat four pole connector, like I have done with every vehicle I have ever owned. Is this a problem with the metris? Have others just spliced into the tail light wiring?

Please let me know.


I have a passenger van and need to connect a trailer harness also. I have the harness from MB, but dont have the wiring diagrams that show exactly where to connect. I understand there is a pre-wired connection on the passenger side near the rear door? For me, it is where the jack is. I just need to find it, may need to remove paneling. There is also some configuration with the rear camera if you have it for backing up to trailer. Would like it if someone has detailed instructions or experience...
When I was looking for a Metris, the trailer hitch became a major issue. A dealer in the Seattle area told me that their service department would not install one because the wiring is very labor intensive. He said something like 10 to 12 hours of work. When ordered as an OEM option (Q24), the proper wiring harness is installed when the vehicle in manufactured along with a "trailer control unit." The wiring is also tied into the Electronic Stability Program (standard equipment) and the Blind Spot Assist (optional equipment) and has an impact on how those items function when a trailer is connected.

I also spoke with an upfitter that does Sprinter work and he said essentially the same thing- the wiring is very time consuming and he'd never do it again.

So the lesson I took away from my research was that if you even THINK you're going to be pulling a trailer, get a factory installed hitch.
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Thanks for the info, unfortunately the only one they had that was configured close to what I wanted had not hitch. I agree, it would be easier to just get it from the factory considering the wiring. Based on what little I have seen for wiring, there is a termination point for the factory wiring at the rear. I have the factory harness, just need to get it installed. I wanted to confirm what I have for wiring is correct. The aftermarket hitch does not require cutting the bumper, the factory hitch does. It does sit about 2 inches lower than the factory one would.
That's disturbing- the factory hitch is damned low.
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