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why the Metris?

Why the Metris?

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I wanna know why you are getting/have gotten a Metris.
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23 views but no votes? Is this forum dead?
Simply why are you interested?
23 views but no votes? Is this forum dead?
Simply why are you interested?
The forum should become more active once more Metris are delivered
Size - It's about as big of a vehicle I can use in my business as I have to often park underground. Quality / style - much nicer looking and hopefully better performing than the competition. I do high end work and my ride should say this. Comfort - I'll be spending quite a bit of time in this per day. I expect it to be more comfortable than other vehicles in this class or below it (transit etc). Hopefully this is the case. I haven't had a chance to see one in person.
I've driven one, they are luxurious. Very C class in the cockpit. It was the look that drew me in. A chance meeting, a glance from across the shop (ha). I have only driven it around our dealership. I'm going to put it on the road before I move forward in pricing.
I bought one, and will be typing a comprehensive review soon, because of several reasons. Your poll doesn't work because its missing the reason- it can do both. I have been a Mercedes guy since my very first car. The Metris can be my personal daily driver, its a passenger van model so I can carry as many people as I've ever needed to, and it is built and outfitted (my personal one, anyway) so that with the seats removed, it is a quite large work truck with the right durability and ruggedness to serve as such without being strained.

It was precisely that dual purpose that made me buy it. That and the fact that when I bought a new vehicle, it was highly unlikely to not be a Mercedes-Benz.
I'm just researching at this point, but major issue for me size: "regular" minivans (Sienna, Odyssey) little too small for my equipment. I need ability to fit 9' long stuff into van.
That sucks, too bad Dodge for example doesn't have an extended wheel base Caravan Cargo... that might have helped them be more lucrative
Comparing the Metris to the Caravan is not really reasonable. As a flea market veteran who has seen minivans used for haulage, the concept can be summed up in two words: bad idea.

The Chrysler T&C is not a bad car per se. It suffers from FCAs General build quality, but that's not really the point.

The Minivan is designed for the family. It is tasked with transporting mom to work, kids and their light weight junk to various activities, occasionally doing high load hails from Ikea or such, and the rare full up vacation. But the average payload is a few hundred pounds. They sacrifice ruggedness in the name of easy adaptability.

Stow & go is one of the most brilliant feature ever introduced in a minivan. It also structurally weakens the van, and it's structural weakness Carries to the cargo version. Great family hauler, bad cargo van.

The Metris sacrifices that easy seat storage in the name of rear wheel drive handling and structural strength for its cargo bay and a low load floor. It's a different kind of vehicle built for a different purpose. It's superficial size similarity is misleading.

$40k will buy you a decently equipped Metris to comfortably haul cargo or passengers, which it can do all day long at 101 mph without straining it. Or it will buy you a lavishly equipped T&C with leather and DVD players and captains chairs to keep your kids happy. And a three minute conversion from kid palace to cargo hauler, a decision that can be made on the spot.
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I was excited to see a "mid-size" passenger van that has a decent load and towing capacity, gets pretty good gas mileage, could carry a motorcycle inside (with the seats removed), etc. Just the perfect vehicle to replace my aging 1998 Chevy Astro van...

Though only a 4 cylinder, the turbo motor puts out a few more HP than the Astro (not sure of the torque and the RPM at which the power is produced, yet), has about the same towing capacity and is fairly good looking.

Disappointment areas include 1) rear (of the driver/passenger) glass is not operable 2) rear lift door is not near as nice as the Astro "Dutch Door" set up 3) it is only a 4 cylinder (though it may be as smooth and have as much torque as the Astro V6 - don't know yet) 4) Interior appointments are not nearly as nice in looks and function as the 18 year old Astro 5) width of the back floor area is less than 48" wide, limiting the ability to throw a few sheets of plywood in the back 6) cost really goes up by the time you have optioned the necessary items 7) no diesel option available, etc.

My excitement has cooled as I feel that I would be "trading down" in quite a few areas of functionality and expectations - Yeah, I know, it is a Mercedes, but it's not the V-class, which would probably really expensive to bring to the US shore.

My excitement (ready to put a deposit and order) level has dropped to maybe in a couple years Mercedes will figure out what Americans are looking for in a passenger van. As a work truck, probably would be all over it.

I'll give it time, as my 18 year old Astro is still running great, getting 19-22 mpg on the highway and is very comfortable to drive. Best part, repairs over the last ten years (not including basic maintenance, which is not at all costly) is less than $1000 - and yes, I can buy most anything I need at a local auto parts store. Haven't seen a dealer for the last 14 years.

To those who have made the leap, do keep us up to speed on your personal experiences, the cost of ownership and whether your personal expectations are met by the new Metris - thanks!
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Best part, repairs over the last ten years (not including basic maintenance, which is not at all costly) is less than $1000 - and yes, I can buy most anything I need at a local auto parts store. Haven't seen a dealer for the last 14 years.
I think Metris could be huge disappointment for you on this mater: I talked to few Vito owners in Europe and nobody call it reliable. Everybody suggest getting extended warranty saying "you will need it".
I doubt any new car would bring the satisfaction of low repair costs offered by an old school American truck. Including new American trucks.

That being said if you are buying a Mercedes-Benz in the interest of low ownership costs, and I say this as a VERY loyal customer, you are making a bad mistake. They are durable as an anvil, and safer than Fort Knox, and handle with a refinement and precision only a Benz owner knows, but they require a lot of TLC.

I consider it part of the cost of owning a car I love. I expect a 10-15 year service life at 30k miles a year. I expect it to protect me and please me. And I expect that I am going to spend a lot of money in maintenance and repairs when the warranty runs out- which I hope will be about when my payments run out.
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