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My wife and I, like many others, have a love/hate relationship with minivans. We have 4 kids, and while we've been able to get by with a 2011 Ford Explorer, we had to face reality and accept the fact that a SUV, even one with a 3rd row, wasn't getting the job done anymore..

So, what to do? We considered going for a larger SUV like a Yukon XL, but while there's more space we just weren't into the idea. Minivans started to make sense for the sliding rear doors (no more kids opening rear doors into parked cars!) but they all suck. I'm not a fan of the looks of most, and while the new Chrysler Pacifica actually looks pretty well, there's tons to still hate about it.

Last year I saw the Metris at the NY Auto Show, and the more I researched it, the more I was sold. It addresses a lot of the functionality issues we were looking to fix, but it's basic nature is so much more appealing to us than the feature laden minivans targeted at most families. All the things most parents want like built-in entertainment systems and vacuums, we have no desire for. I need a people (kid) mover, and that's exactly what the Metris is!

So anyway, we take delivery of a silver Metris in about a week. Can't wait to ditch the SUV in favor of our new un-minivan!
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