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Dear forum mates, I think many of you feel the same. I think, we deserve the explanation from the MB Vans officials on this matter. Why third world countries get V-Class and USA and Canada left out. Who makes this decision and why? The popularity of V-Class is the world is very well established. We, the one who spend our money for their cars kind of need to hear from the official source. Why and when.
Official web:
Contact info:
Daimler AG
70546 Stuttgart
Phone: +49 711 17 0
Fax: +49 711 17 22244
e-mail: [email protected]

Let's do this together.
Otherwise we will be hearing B.S. rumors and promises from MBUSA for a very long time.

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Any which way, I think most of us would like to find out, why USA and Canada was left out of V-Class and all Vito options. And hear this from somebody at MB vans in Germany, instead of hearing B.S. from MB Vans USA. Why did they bring Metris based on V-Class to SEMA 2014 and year later we got stripped down Vito version. I would like to find out why the strongest van market in the world was left out. Who makes this kind of decision and based on what data. I need your (forum) help to structure the letter.

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It's my assumption that MBVAN USA is 'tiptoeing' in this market segment with this size and 'utility' of van. If you listen to all the introduction videos for the Metris, the continually mention that the vans were really designated for the commercial market. Cargo version for businesses and the Passenger version for the hotel/shuttle service industry. Neither of which would go for the V-Class, except for maybe a few 5-Star hotels. With that said, I do see a market for a 4matic and diesel options.

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Any which way, I think most of us would like to find out, why USA and Canada was left out of V-Class and all Vito options. And hear this from somebody at MB vans in Germany, instead of hearing B.S. from MB Vans USA. Why did they bring Metris based on V-Class to SEMA 2014 and year later we got stripped down Vito version. I would like to find out why the strongest van market in the world was left out. Who makes this kind of decision and based on what data. I need your (forum) help to structure the letter.
Yes I agree, lets write the letter Vadim, I also want to know why we cannot get a V class in the USA, you would think it would be a top seller here with 4matic and a diesel option, especially since it would be the only truly luxury minivan.

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I despise the way many manufacturers spread the popular options throughout too many packages filled with less desireable features. I've seen where only a top end trim levels get a USB port. Or where a sunroof is forced into a package that I would otherwise want.

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I just came back from Mexico and I am completely puzzled about Mercedes Benz decision to sell LOADED V250 DIESEL 4MATIC's in [email protected]$&^#G Mexico for $51000.00. Anybody dear to explain?
I am just as puzzled as you are.

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I already explained to you why Mercedes has chosen not to sell a luxury version of the W447 body. You may not agree, but they have the highest net margin of any civilian vehicle manufacturer, so they are not idiots.

Do I need to explain the concept of the vagaries of currency exchange rates and vehicle tax rates and how they influence prices from region to region? In the US the vehicle sales tax is ~6-7% in most states, and the registration tax is de minimus. In Mexico vehicle sales tax is 16% and a very high, purchase price based registration tax.

Come now, Vadim. You know how this nonsense works.

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Well, I wrote the letter to the head of the Daimler Van Mr. Volker Mornhinweg. And I got an answer. here is the entire thing.

Vadim **********
From: [email protected]
Sent: Thursday, April 27, 2017 10:05 AM
To: Vadim **********
Cc: [email protected]
Subject: WG: Letter for Mr. Volker Mornhinweg
Dear Mr. *********,
Thank you very much for your mail and your loyalty and commitment to our brand.
Indeed, we receive very positive customer feedback for our Metris. Although this product is clearly positioned for
commercial applications, there is an increasing interest from private customers who would like to see the noncommercial
version of the Metris, the V-Class, in the US as well. With this version, most of the specifications you refer to
would be available.
We are continuously analyzing the market and consider various options for expanding our van offerings - we will
consider your feedback for our future strategy as well.
Should you have any other product-related questions to our van offerings in the United States, please reach out to my
product management team in Atlanta, GA.
You contact person: Mathias Geisen (mail: [email protected] / mobile: +1 (551) 500 1056).
Best regards,
Volker Mornhinweg
Gesendet: Montag, 24. April 2017 07:28
An: D'Amore, Nicole (008) <[email protected]>; Schrenk, Anke (417) <[email protected]>
Betreff: WG: Letter for Mr. Volker Mornhinweg
Dear Madams and Sirs,
please find enclosed for further processing an email/a fax which has been received by the "Central Daimler email/fax
inbox (switchboard)".
In case that you are not the right recipient, please send the email/fax back to the switchboard.
Please send your answer directly to the sender of the email/fax.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Kind regards
Information & Document Mgmt. 2
Infrastrukturelles Facility Management
Corporate Business Service Management
Daimler AG
70546 Stuttgart, Germany
Fax +49 7 11 17-2 22 44
mailto:[email protected]
Hier finden Sie CBS/FI im Mitarbeiter-Portal
Von: Vadim ***********************
Gesendet: Freitag, 21. April 2017 19:22
Cc: '******************'
Betreff: Letter for Mr. Volker Mornhinweg
Dear Mr. Volker Mornhinweg,
My name is Vadim *******. I live in Washington D.C. USA. I am very loyal and proud owner of Mercedes Benz vehicles. In
1989 I have purchased my first Mercedes Benz 190E. Ever since I have owned more than 20 Mercedes Benz cars, SUV’s
and vans (from C-Class, E-Class, ML’s, R350 Diesel, G-500 to SL-Class to S550 and Sprinter’s). All my Mercedes Benz
automobiles was amazing, they were very loved and enjoyed masterpieces of German craftsmanship. Currently I own
E350 and Metris van.
I am writing this letter on behalf of hundreds Mercedes Benz Metris owners in United States and Canada. We are
puzzled and would like to have an answer from you on our few questions. Hopefully these questions will help you sell
more of your great vans in our countries.
1. Why USA and Canadian markets are left out of V-Class?
2. Why Metris does not have all the VITO options available for purchase? Example: LED lighting package, Power
tailgate, 4X4, Distronic Plus, Marco Polo configuration and most important folding and reclining comfort 2nd and 3rd
row of passenger seats. Personally, I would pay money for these options if they would be available.
3. Why are we restricted to buy German version of passenger folding/reclining comfort seating as after sale upgrade
through USA and Canada Mercedes Benz authorized dealers?
4. Diesel option?
I hope to hear from you. And we all hope to see Mercedes Benz sales numbers skyrocket and outsell Toyota and Honda
in USA.
P.S. We know that you market Metris as a Commercial Van. We heard that it is a sales test, that Mercedes Benz
conducting. For what it is worth, my personal thought. You do not bring striped down, basic options only S-Class or any
other cars and SUV’s. But for some reason you did it to your van.
If it is possible please let us configure our vans the way we can configure passenger Mercedes Benz cars. We all happy
to pay money for such options like, 4X4, LED Lighting package, Distronic Plus, Vented rear side windows, you bring
power sliding doors option but not power tailgate. Power tailgate is a must have option and the most important option
folding / reclining 2nd and 3rd row of passenger seats with European style seats rail system. Believed or not I personally
know many people that would like to buy Metris if it would have this options instead they went and bought Toyota and
Honda vans. Most all of them sad the same thing, LUCK OF OPTIONS! My Mercedes Benz E350 has power trunk and my
brand new Metris DOES NOT. I trade in my fully loaded R-350 Diesel for Metris. We just need a bigger van for family
travels. Luck off folding / reclining and facing backwards option 2nd row seats make our trips less comfortable.
Please rethink this issues. I personally would hate to see Mercedes Benz pulling the plug on van sales due to low sales
Thank you
Vadim ******* and many members of Metris forum.
My e-mail : ***************
My phone : ***************
If you are not the addressee, please inform us immediately that you have received this e-mail by mistake, and delete it.
We thank you for your support.

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Thanks a lot Vadim! ?

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In a Wikipedia Article entitled "Chicken Tax", which writes about how a 1961 Tariff/Import Tax on chickens, also included restrictions on 'Light Trucks'.

<quote>As an unintended consequence several importers of light trucks have circumvented the tariff via loopholes—including Ford (ostensibly a company that the tax was designed to protect), which imported the Transit Connect light trucks as "passenger vehicles" to the U.S. from Turkey and immediately strips and shreds portions of their interiors, such as installed rear seats, in a warehouse outside Baltimore[1] — and Mercedes, which imported complete vans built in Germany, "disassembled them and shipped the pieces to South Carolina, where American workers put them back together in a small kit assembly building."[8] The resulting vehicles emerge as locally manufactured, free from the tariff.</quote>

I would bet if MBUSA is going to have to strip and destroy parts of the vehicle, they are going to provide it with the most basic, least costly, seating possible. Also, they won't be disassembling/reassembling V-class parts, because that would destroy the fit-and-finish of the interior, being built twice.
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