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Walkaround of the Metris from Mercedes San Diego

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Are the dual sliding door and option or do they come standard? If you're using the cargo Metris for work then I would assume that you would want every bit of cargo space you can get and an extra door reduces that.
They are an option on the Cargo, standard on the passenger. If space is what you want, though, buy a Sprinter. You can get those with no sliding door at all, if thats how you want it.
That video quoted a spec straight out of the brochure that I don't understand.

Cargo length with partition: 111.5 inches.

Cargo length without partition: 105.4 inches.

How can you add a partition to the inside and gain length? I would have expected the numbers to be the exact opposite, with the partition taking up 6.1 inches of cargo space. As they refer to these partitions as through-loading, is that the extra length you can slide a ladder through the hole by your head and still have it be safe?
Without the partition the seats are mounted to the floor and therefore end the load floor. With the partition the seats are mounted to the partition, and thus things can be passed under the seats.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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