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On my 2016 M274 Metris, I get a generic underboost code under hard acceleration. The issue is worst in Comfort mode and if I hit the accelerator in Eco, it switches to Comfort and then goes into limp mode, revs go to 6k with no power before eventually kicking back down and power is restored. Limp mode is never "permanent" so to speak.

46k mi on the odo.

The condition seems to only occur when the engine is at operating temp, which leads me to believe the problem is like that described here in the C300 forum.

Pipes and fittings have been inspected (no cracks), but a comprehensive vacuum check remains to be performed. Turbo works great when engine is still warming up and under less than full acceleration. With the relatively low miles, I have little reason to suspect a faulty waste gate. I also need to pull the temp from OBD but the dash says the coolant is at 90-95c, which seems a tad high.

Other owners have linked this issue to the shoddy 722.9 G tronic conductor plates, while others still said it was a deteriorating catalyst.

Appreciate your thoughts!
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