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The Mercedes-Benz Metris' Crosswind Detection System

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The Mercedes-Benz Metris will be competing with rivals like the Ford Transit Connect, the Nissan NV200 and the Ram ProMaster City. The Metris has a feature that none of its competitors do though -- Crosswind Assist.

Daimler claims that its Crosswind Assist system "virtually fully compensates for the effects of gusts of wind on the vehicle." That'll make driving the Metris a lot easier on the highway on a windy day. Here's how it works.

The Crosswind Assist system uses precision sensors of the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) to detect sudden, strong gusts of wind that can apply force to the side of the vehicle. Gusts of wind are recorded and the system will apply course corrective braking to stop the Metris from being pushed out of its lane. Brakes are applied on the side of the vehicle facing the wind. This course corrective braking results in a "yaw motion" -- a rotational movement of the vehicle counter to the flow of the wind.

The Crosswind Assist system is activated at speeds higher than 80 km/h. It will radically reduce the amount of counter steering that the driver has to do, which reduces the strain on the driver.

Obviously there is more to a van than a crosswind detection system, but given that this is something that sets the Metris apart from its competitors, I think that it is a substantial asset for the brand.
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Glad to see they're integrating this tech as driving while its really windy outside you really feel it on the steering system, even when at a stand still and the vehicle is moving left to right.
Thanks for putting this together, Colin. I'm looking forward to this feature in the Metris.
Thanks for putting this together, Colin. I'm looking forward to this feature in the Metris.
Feeling the difference this tech makes going from a vehicle without it to this will be the ultimate test :D
It works well. Feels strange when it kicks in but it keeps you in your lane.
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It is a bit unnerving at first, but it works indeed.

One time, soon after delivery, and a few small activations; I was on the interstate, stormy day, suddenly saw trees move more, an Audi sedan ahead of me got a nudge, figured here it comes ... sure enough ... pretty amazing system how it can manipulate the brakes individually at light speed. And, that's without some of the fancier active lane keeping, etc.
ha, i just experienced Crosswind Assist today when i crossed the Oakland Bay Bridge! It really works!
I was sorta waiting for it to set in as it was extremely windy in the afternoon in the Bay Area
You don't want to be in that red van and get blown towards that on ramp for the overpass!!!
I was amused they set the test up where they did.
So was I.

I was also hoping they would take a few of the other lanes. You know, with each good test, take a lane closer to those turbines. For scientific purposes. 😇 We need to know the system is really really dependable.
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