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Thanks For Your Help!

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I took delivery of my 2022 135 WB cargo van in late February. So far, I have installed seat swivels, sound deadener, and insulation. Windows that open and a pop top tent will be installed later. Cabinetry is in the design phase.

Your experiences posted on the Forum with photos and pdf attachments have helped me immensely. I have no previous experience removing door trim panels or dropping the headliner. Your detailed write-ups made sense and gave me the confidence to get going on my conversion. Pounce, IceRabbit, and Focus805 have been especially helpful.

I chose Thinsulate 600 and 3-M 90 spray adhesive for insulation. I found that I could use Glad Press-N-Seal wrap to temporarily mask things when spraying adhesive. Also, there is plenty of room for the 600 thickness above the headliner. Living in Texas, I noticed immediately the temperature difference once the headliner was insulated. So far, the headliner seems to make the biggest difference in regard to both sound and temperature.

My next task is floor removal to complete sound deadener and insulation installation. Step one will be another forum search.
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