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i have a new/unused Tema 4x4 30mm lift kit for sale for $270 incl shipping in the continental US.
This lift kit consists of polyurethane spacers of 30mm/1 3/8" thickness to be installed on top of the strut/spring assembly (front) and top of the spring (rear) incl 10.9 bolts.
to install it in the front one has to remove or lower the strut from the strut dome. the spacer goes on top of the strut assembly. in order to access the 3 mounting bolts the windshield wiper linkage cover incl the wiper arms have to be removed (not the entire linkage arm assembly).
to install the rear spacer the shocks have to be unbolted from the control arm, the assembly will drop and the existing spacer replaced with the Tema spacer.
i planned to installed them in conjunction with the Adventure Van Co springs (2" lift) for a total lift of 3" but definitely in the front it is either/or but not both.
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