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Hi all: I need a BS check here.

Back at the start of January, I ordered a 2018 MMCA3G. I was lucky enough to have the 2018 Metris DOG thanks to this forum, so I ordered a pretty carefully spec'd 135" wheelbase cargo, plain jane Navy Blue, black bumpers and steel wheels, but lots of driver comforts, avoiding only the accident avoidance assists that aren't standard (crosswind, ABS) on the theory that in 10 years the drivetrain will still be humming fine, but the blind spot and parking radars will probably be jammed by North Korea, or otherwise kaput. Had to have the aux. battery, body builder kit and hitch, 270 doors with glass heat and wipers, rear view mirror.

So I emailed my dealer the other day for an update. The fleet manager who had placed the order for me is no longer employed there. I called and the new guy confirmed they have the order in the system, and it is right except in one detail (I added the VA3 plastic interior paneling after the original order, but the fleet manager apparently entered V30 Waist level composite -- new guy says VA3 no longer available?)

Here's the catch. Original fleet manager said to expect production confirmation April, delivery late May. Now they are saying that I am looking at SEPTEMBER for delivery because MB has halted new orders pending resolution of some tariff fear. So I am not even hearing a guarantee that my 2018 will be built.

Anybody else heard this? Do I need to find a new dealer?

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Yeah, not sure if they're covering or what. It may be due to some production issue with the 135" WB, but I can't see that given they are common overseas.

On a related note, has anyone actually seen a 2018 US 135" WB Cargo?

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Good question,

My LWB was to be built in March for delivery in April.

If it doesn't arrive on time, I'm going to kill the deal, I'll lose the deposit but no big deal, unless they deeply discount it.

I had to wait nearly 9 months for a 2010 Sprinter won't do that again.

I don't want a year old model and features at a "new price"

When things get restarted I'll just place an order for the MY2019

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When did you place your order? I hadn't thought about getting a year-old van as a result of the delay -- good point -- but if I can get pricing leverage as a result I'll take it. Autonation basically gave me 10% of total cost with no negotiation, so I expect to pay no more than $36k out the door, but I don't have a deal until the deposit is cashed. My dealer holds the deposit as refundable until I accept the actual production build sheet.

What does your build look like? Here's mine, but I've had to delete the VA3 plastic cargo wall liners. I wanted them because the Con-Pearl material ( is really nifty, lightweight, easily cleaned and no new hole fasteners on the factory install. Although VA3 was in the 2018 DOG, it's since been removed, so I am not getting any cargo area covering besides the floor.

My build specs in color:

Model: MMCA3G Paint1: 610 (Navy Blue)
Year: 2018 Upholstery: VU9 (Black Leatherette)
Baumuster: 447605 National Type: V8A

Accessories Packages

EK1 Body Builder Connector Under Driver Seat,
FF1 Storage Tray, Center Console,
FS5 Illuminated vanity mirrors,
FZ8 Remote opening/closing of windows,
F61 Rear View Mirror,
F68 Exterior Mirror - Power/Heated,
HH4 Automatic climate control,
H00 Warm/cool air duct to rear compartment,
LC2 LED light strip in rear compartment,
LC4 Premium overhead control panel,
LC7 Front footwell lighting,
MS1 Cruise Control,
Q24 Trailer Hitch,
W54 Rear Doors 270 Degree Opening,
W70 Tint for Rear Windows and Rear Side Windows,
W78 Window rear door and washers/wipers,
C01 Driver Comfort Package
X04 Multifunction steering/premium display
X27 Additional Battery Package
X50 ECO Start/Stop

Standard Accessories:
CF0 Standard Suspension,
ED4 AGM Battery 12V 95 Ah,
EL8 Radio Speakers, 5 Front,
EN7 Audio 15 (Standard),
E07 Hill Start Assist,
FR8 Rear View Camera,
F66 Lockable glove compartment,
G42 Automatic transmission 7G-TRONIC,
HH9 Air Conditioning - Front,
HZ0 Heat Insulation,
H20 Heat-insulating glass,
IG4 Standard,
IG5 Internal Plant Code,
JA1 Cleaning fluid level warning light,
JW8 Attention Assist,
JY1 Maintenance Interval 15,000 miles,
J11 Tachometer in Miles,
J55 Seat belt reminder for driver,
LA2 Automatic headlights,
LX7 North and South America,
MG9 Alternator efficiency management,
MH6 Engine, low emission, LEV III ULEV70,
MM1 2-liter, 4-cylinder, direct-injection turbocharged gasoline engine,
RD9 Tire Brand - Unspecified,
RG7 Tires 225/55 R17,
RM0 Tires All Season,
RR6 Spare wheel with jack,
RS7 6.5 Jx 17 Steel Wheels,
RY2 Tire Pressure Monitor Lamp,
SA6 Air Bag- Passenger,
SH1 Airbag, side thorax-pelvis, driver,
SH2 Airbag, side thorax-pelvis, passenger,
SH9 Airbag, driver/passenger window,
SK5 Automatic Co-Driver Airbag Deactivation,
S02 Adjustable driver's seat,
VV0 Weld Nut, Sidewall for Conversions,
VV9 Fixing Points in Roof Frame,
V43 Cargo Van Wood Floor (Standard),
XA6 GVWR 6,720 lbs,
XC8 VIN# Visible from Outside,
XQ1 VIN Encoded vehicle data with check digit,
XY8 Year 2018,
ZB6 Vehicle dismantle/re-assembly,
ZU8 Country Code - USA,
ZZ4 MBUSA Configuration,
Z44 Vehicle Registration NAFTA,
Z90 Deletion, Underfloor Preservation,

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Ordered mine the 1st vow Feb.

Option list ordered:

Model MMCA3G
744 Paint Brilliant Silver Metallic
VU9 Black Leatherette
C01 Driver Comfort Package
C02 Driver Efficiency Package
C03 Active Safety Plus Package
CM2 Bumpers painted in vehicle color
D51 Cargo Patition w/ Fixed Window
F61 Rear view Mirror
FP4 Chrome Interior Package
FZ5 Anti-Theft Warning system
LC2 LED light strip in rear compartment
LC4 Premium overhead control panel
LC7 Front footwell lighting
Q24 Trailer Hitch
RL8 5-spoke light alloy wheels 7x17
T19 Sliding Door-Left Side
V30 Interior Paneling
V85 Ashtray with additional outlet
W17 Fixed Window Right Side Front
W54 Rear Doors 270 Degree Openin
W70 Tint for Rear Windows and Rear Side Window

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Really nice - what kind of business?

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Cool, might be worth a run down there. Thanks

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I just looked at their website. It is a MMCA3G alright, but the specs show a 126 WB? I emailed them to see.

Thanks again.
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