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We have the C02 Package as shown below from our specs. Yet we have no module in the glove box and NAV does not work. After some research I was told NAV is shown and should work yet, my dealer is trying to sell us the $600+ module that plugs in glove box? Please advise if any of you have same C02 Package and your NAV works? Also and FYI you may notice in my AVITAR our MB has running boards, chrome grill kit, chrome door handles and mirrors also chrome on rear lift gate. We bought for $33K after much degotiating because it is a 2016 left over. If you degotiate patiently in days not hours they will come down greatly of sticker. The running boards and chrome extras were done at a custom shop here we found out for almost $1,000. We appreciate your advice on this Becker Map Pilot NAV and appreciate any other suggestions to us newbies.

Description Price
M1PV126 $32,500
744 Brilliant Silver Metallic $990
VU9 Black Leatherette $200
C01 C01 Driver Comfort Package: Two additional master keys.
Comfort seat
SZ8 : Seatback Map Pocket - passenger
SZ7 : Seatback Map Pocket - driver
SE5 : Lumbar support, driver seat
SE4 : Lumbar support, passenger seat
SB2 : Comfort Passenger's Seat
SB1 : Comfort Driver's Seat
FZ9 : Keys - Two Additional Masters
C02 C02 Driver Efficiency Package: Becker Map Pilot Navigation
MS1 : Cruise Control
L16 : Fog Lamps
FR8 : Rear View Camera
FF1 : Storage Tray, Center Console
E1N : Becker Map Pilot
C05 C05 Premium Appearance Package: Bumpers painted in
vehicle color.
RL8 : 5-spoke light alloy wheels, 7Jx17"
D12 : Roof rails, black
CM2 : Bumpers painted in vehicle color
C08 C08 Cold Weather Package: Heated windshield washer
system. Heated
H16 : Heated Driver Seat
H15 : Heated Co-Driver Seat
HZ0 : Heat Insulation
F48 : Heater windshield washer reservoir
C09 C09 High Performance Air Conditioning: Automatic climate
control. Ai
H09 : Air conditioning, enhanced power
HH4 : Automatic climate control
C10 C10 Interior Appearance Package: Comfort Suspension.
Chrome accents,
V44 : Carpeting, Front
V33 : Carpeting, rear
LC7 : Front footwell lighting
LC6 : Illuminated Door Handle with Reading Lamp and
LC4 : Premium overhead control panel
FS5 : Illuminated vanity mirrors
FP4 : Chrome Interior Package
CF7 : Comfort Suspension
F68 Exterior Mirror - Power/Heated $255
LC8 Tailgate surrounding light
U60 Bench - Two Place Seating
W65 Single Flip-up Tailgate $450
X50 X50 ECO Start/Stop Package: ECO Start/Stop. Buffer battery
MJ8 : ECO Start/Stop
E34 : Buffer battery for start/stop
SUBTOTAL $40,315
TOTAL $41,310

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A quick search and yes it's standard with CO2:

Entertainment and Instrumentation
MFG Code Invoice MSRP
Navigation System, Becker MAP PILOT [E1N] N/A $600.00
(Std w/Driver Efficiency Pkg-C02)

Check kbb to see it for yourself.

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The dealer I bought mine from forgot to plug the nav unit into the glove box. A quick trip back to dealer fixed that. As far as the unit itself. I will refrain comment, as I have never had anything to compare it to.

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Thanks all for input. I assume it was just "forgotten" They have said they would have me the unit tomorrow after these replies. You all just saved us $600+
Thanks, Rob:wink:

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My guess is that somewhere somehow that module walked while it was sitting on their lot. That type of **** happens, especially in America. (e.g. Some jerk test drive it without a dealer rep and palmed the box)

What is inexcusable is their attempt to claim that you had to buy the module. My dealer would have at least checked my cars specs before giving me an answer, and would never have charged me for it.

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My Metris didn't have the Becker Map Pilot plug in at delivery. "They didn't know where it was". My salesman ordered me one from parts and I picked it up aweek later.

FYI, its the same plug in as my MB C250 Sport sedan. I suspect the Becker Map Pilot may have been removed from my Metris and given to someone who didn't pay for it in their car.

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The map pilot comes separate in its own box and is mixed in with the title, manual, etc. My dealership had to find mine as well. Took me a day or two to get the manual and Becker crap pilot. (Darn autocorrect!)

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Thanks everyone
I went by the dealer today and they had it for us. Plugged it in and.................realized why all the negative reviews,
1st It will get us home or to our destination in need
2nd it IS rudimentary as much as everyone says.

I am a half glass full guy VS half glass empty, so we're happy to have it in a pinch, BUT we will use our SP's (Smart Phones) for directions and select music

Thanks for all the input, we're enjoying the MBM Forum and have learned A LOT!

We appreciate you all and hope to contribute knowledge as well

we enjoy the common interest of us all
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