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Wonder if they make bifacials that would fit. Even more output on a light colored van.

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Here's what I did.
The Maxxair couldn't go in the last roof panel as the liftgate would hit it (barn doors would be OK).
I built a frame of 1.5 x 1.5 aluminum angle to hold 3 100W Renogy panels and fixed it to the inside of the roof rails with ss screws.

I 1/2 cut the longitudinal pieces where the panels join so they bend to fit the roof rails.

From the side they're flush with the top so they don't show except at the front where I trimmed them a bit but could have done better.

With the panels mounted on the right there's 2 inches on the left where the connectors can go.

There was some wind noise so I covered the gap at the front with 1/4 split pool noodle and covered with black gorilla.


To get the leads inside I drilled holes in the vertical lip at the side of the roof. A bit tricky as there is another layer of steel in there. I fished the leads down the c pillar inside vinyl tube (cheap garden hose) to protect them. I cleaned the roof really well and sealed with silicone.

From the c pillar I fed the leads under the floor mat next to the seat rail (a7).

From there it went to the controller, battery, fuse panel and inverter under the driver's seat.

It' been there over 2-1/2 years and no problems so far.
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