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Sizing vs Odyssey, Town and Country, Transit Connect

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Car and Driver sketches out the dimensions of the Metris vs other viable rivals in segment.

The length is within half an inch of the Odyssey and the Town & Country, about a foot longer than a long-wheelbase Ford Transit Connect. The Benz towers over those vans by three to seven inches.
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Good to know how much more space I'm getting from this as compared to a minivan or the competition, the Transit Connect.
Why I got a Metris.

Apart from all the other advantages everyone has mentioned, I needed something for an easy drive on a daily basis that could also haul the dogs (and hopefully the 27' 3900lb trailer, for nearby shows at least - we'll see when the snow goes). My 2010 ford E350 does the job, but is not a daily drive and uses twice the fuel. None of the other smaller vans has the height to stack crates or towing capacity. My 2012 Escape could only fit 3 crates (the newer ones can't even do that).

My Metris has the climate control for the dogs and by flipping the 2-seat bench over the back bench (even I can do that at my advanced age) and strapping it down, I can get 6 full sized (Vari 300’s) crates in and 2 puppy (200’s) crates. If I take the 2 seater out, I can get in another two 300’s without removing the back bench seat. Now I can take the whole "family" when I take a long day trip and not have to worry about putting them in kennels (6 dogs x 2 nights x $20) - Even border patrol understands why I take them with me on those breeding runs to the US.

I’ve got the auxiliary battery, so I’m planning the max-air fan, a powered cold box and solar panel for those dog shows in an open field on a sunny day, or meal stops where its best to leave things locked up. With the roof fan on, will air be drawn in through the car’s ventilation system or does it automatically close?


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Performance while towing

Thanks, IMACD, I'm in the decision phase. Currently, I am in a 2006 Odyssey and looking at the Metris for the combined value of towing/mpg/size. I'm towing a 2,800 lb (dry weight) 12' long camper and will be carrying two dogs plus 5 to 7 people. I have to watch what I load to keep the trailer at 3,500 lbs. I also want to bring bikes without overloading.

Since I can't test drive that set-up, I am looking for feedback on how the Metris performs, fully loaded with a trailer. It sounds like you are doing something close to that. How does the Metris perform? I expect a large drop in MPG. Does the engine lug when accelerating? How does it handle hills and steep grades?

Also, does the back seat remove quickly?
Hi Hat4RVn,
I got the Metris mainly because I can stack the Varikennel 300s as seen in the photos. I haven’t had the big trailer on the road yet but have had it hooked up (in the barn). With the weight distributing hitch the Metris stayed level so I’m anticipating no problem. (I won’t know for sure until the snow goes.) The lights worked fine using the 7-way plug (and also on my landscape trailer with a 4 pin adapter). You may need to use a lamp-out sensor adapter if you have LED lights (e.g., The lift gate opened fine with the big trailer connected, but wouldn’t quite clear the jack post on the small trailer. I may get a longer drawbar.
The seats do come out, but they’re heavy for one person. I tipped mine forward and slipped a sheet of plywood under them to slide them out without damaging the floor.
For the trailer brakes I’m planning to use the Tekonsha RF controller which doesn’t need a brake signal ( I may have to run a 12V line to power it. That you can get from the EK1 in the passenger foot area, ( but I may use my auxiliary battery to avoid running down the main battery when parked with the fridge on at rest stops (or on ferries where you can’t use propane).
For performance when towing, has a lot of information that is encouraging.
Hope this helps.
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A lot of etrailer links don't seem to be working right now, but you may be able to find your way from their main page, or try later.
Also. there seem to be a lot of other brake controllers that might work, but may need additional wiring components.
Be sure to get a Metris with the towing crossmember factory installed. After market poses some problems apparently.
Besides all the tow, capacity and other advantages written about I have a couple more subtle likes.
So many of the manufactures have slanted the roofs of minivans and suv's to make them more attractive, at the expense of space & utility. I like to sit tall in at vehicle. At 6'1" when I look in the rear view mirrors of these vehicles I mostly see headliner. No issue with the Metris. I also like to be able to walk front to back if it's pouring down rain or cold. With the Sienna I had to either roll &/or crawl on my knees making it hard to maneuver if cargo.. The biggest advantage for me is the large square rear opening. I envision rolling in my 29er's large frame mountain bikes without having to remove wheels. Ah. Can't wait to get my Metris.
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