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Seating / driving position.

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Im interested to know what the seating / driving position is like. I have long legs and need a fairly deep footwell that gives a more upright position. I know the Metris is meant to feel more like a sedan but is that to the detriment of being comfortably upright. I guess I could wade through google searches on the Vito seating but any info/experiences from this forum would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and cheers! :smile:
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It's pretty upright- look at pictures. I sat in one- less upright than the Sprinter, more upright than my ML350.
Thanks Greenmanedlion, thats music to my ears! We are tempted to order without actually seeing one or driving one in the flesh but there are some some certain needs versus wants. We want to use the van for some many different uses so we are looking at getting the passenger van and just removing the seats so we can keep them if/when we need them yet have the space for dogs/cargo/camping etc. I know that the rear drive is with regards to being better for towing but I also wonder how it will handle the snow. We live in Colorado and thats pretty important. I guess with a good set of tyres it should do ok, maybe there's a possibility for a 4x4 down the road or conversion to 4x4 if Merc decide not to make one oem.
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Not sure how much of a rush you're in to get one but chances are if you wait for the round of industry shows that go on around the 4th and 1st quarter of the year, that may be your chance to see one in person before buying.
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