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Seat covers - other MB models w/ similar seats?

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Does anyone know if the Metris front seats are a close size to any of the more popular MB luxury models? I'm looking for seat covers, but not seeing anything specific for the Metris. Figured if one of the SUV's perhaps have a similar size/shape seat, I could order that and make do.

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Does anyone here know if the Sprinter front seats are the same as in the Metris? That might be where you want to look for seat covers.
oh, DUH, I had not even thought of the Sprinter! I am betting they are the same, but I'll let others chime in too.
HAHA - I just did a search for Sprinter seat covers, and apparently we can get these babies...

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Wow! After seeing those beauties, I can't imagine why you'd want to look any further. Maybe a mismatched set of the pink and orange would look best. Anyone interested in a group buy? :wink:
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Sprinter seats are very different. Much flatter.

Why do you need seat covers? What function of a seat cover are you looking for?
To replace the bath towel, which absorbs my butt sweat. Looking for good quality fabric covers. If not the Sprinter, do any of the SUV seats have seats that are close?
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Check out ranger designs. Expensive. Paid 191.15 but they are super nice.
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Butt sweat is butt sweat.

Only a ventilated seat or natural fibers of some density (sheepskin preferred) will relieve the problem.
I was thinking of getting the Ranger Design, but no arm rest covers has been the deal breaker at that price point. What were they thinking? Arm rest is part of the seat!
You shoulda gone for the vinyl.
Noooooo, this is the cause of the butt sweat.
Thanks for the Ranger Designs suggestion - I will definitely check them out, I don't mind the price if they fit great and are a good quality. Here's the link for others who are looking:

.... even if they don't come in pink tiger color with fluff. Ha!
It's non perforated MB-Tex, the cockroach of seating materials! Who cares if there is butt sweat?
That Ranger product will increase butt sweat. Cordura covered with Urethane coating? What, 1.0 mm thick. Nice and warm. Good luck with that.
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Ok. If I ever replace the bath towel I use now, I'll let you know :)
One of the first things I did was put on seat covers -- the ones from RangerDesign (via Inlad). Thinking primarily of resale but every now and then I hop in with something in my pocket that could damage the seat (or me). They are a beast to get on and the tab for the headrest cover is too short. And no armrest cover. I sent a note to Ranger asking them about the armrest covers and a bigger headrest tab. They said 'thanks for the interest' and 'it's designed to fit tight'. Bounced back with admonition and shame. Haven't heard back but, criminy, I find myself leaning on the armrest all the time. When I sell it, the seat will look great but the armrest will be all ratty.

BTW, I've driven it for what, three weeks, now, and so far I have a smear of Vulkem and a smudge of plaster on the seat. Jeez, and I was trying to be careful, too.

Butt sweat?? Man, how long are you in the saddle?
Why would you sell it? It's a work van. It should be failing structurally before you replace it.
I'll be failing structurally before the van gives out.
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Some people tend to butt sweat pretty quickly after plotting down.

But the no armrest thing is stupid. And they pretty much shut you down through email which sucks.
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