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I want to install a roof rack on my 2018 Metris without any rails yet.
Which product would you recommend?
Would you recommend installing a rail first and then buy the cross bars, or is the system with the shoes like thule offert better?
What do you think about something like this:

2019 Metris Cargo Van
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I just posted a reply in another roof rack thread on the forum when I discovered your thread. I copied and pasted my reply below.

In terms of the ones that you linked, I think they look OK but they are fixed bars I prefer rails and crossbars combo so that I can adjust the spacing as needed.

I discovered some from OMAC that are about $100 more than what you linked but that is inclusive of the Rails. I also prefer the look of them. Just my $0.02 worth. Links are below.

Anyway: here is my post from the other thread. I look forward to your feedback.

These look pretty ideal to me but I am a complete noob and so I'm hoping those of you with greater experience might have familiarity with OMAC in general or with these Rack/Rails specifically.

FYI, I don't even own the Van yet. I am still in the negotiation process and the vans I like the best in terms of overall feature also have a naked roof. I happen to be a Realtor and my van-plan is to build a "Mobile Office" for work and use as a personal vehicle ~350 Days a year. I'll also build a couple of "Modules" or Cubes that I can drop in and convert to a sleeper/light camper for the occasional road-trip or weekend getaway.

So here is what I find attractive about these Racks & Rails:
  • They look Stock and I like that
  • The capacity "This product is able to carry over 225 LBS 100 kg easily, but TUV NORD Germany certifies the highest load-bearing capacity as 165 LBS 75 kg based on the roof carriage capacity of vehicles."
  • Price! I will likely get the "Better" version of each but they do have versions that are slightly cheaper. Note though that on the crossbars I link there are 3 crossbars, the cheaper ones only include 2 I think. The Side Rails I chose are $165 and the Cross Bars are $120 so for $285 I am good to go on the roof with 3 bars instead of 2
  • The photos show what appears to be high-quality, aerodynamic parts and Omac is supposedly an OEM Manufacturer for European Auto Companies
  • Made in Europe and shipped from Houston, TX
  • They are available in either Silver or Black (I like the black as I am largely trying to keep the colors to Black & White on the rig)
  • They offer a ton of other upgrades and so for the cost of a Thule system I can also get Molded Pads, Window Deflectors, A hood Bug Deflecor and 2 "Folding Car Door Latch Hook Step Foot Pedal Ladder." This thing looks GENIUS. I have links for it and for the rack parts down below.
So, here are the links:

Here are the specific Racks & Rails that I am thinking about:
Side Rails: Top Roof Rack Side Rails Bars Alu Black For Mercedes Metris W447 2014-2020
CrossBars: Roof Rack Cross Bars Luggage Carrier Black for Mercedes Metris Vito W447 2014-

Here are all the Side Rails: Roof Rails
And All CrossBars: Roof Racks Cross Bars

Here is the ingenious Foot-Rest Ladder Thingy: Folding Car Door Latch Hook Step Foot Pedal Ladder for SUV Truck Roof

I look forward to any comments or insights that you have to offer. Thanks!

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I had the OMAC crossbars you linked for a day and sent them back. Installing the bars did not inspire any confidence in their longevity or ability to hold my cargo box while driving. They may work, and I am sure they work for some. But I didn't want to take chances with plastic pieces that didn't hold the crossbars tight, 80+ mph, and a cargo box weighing 150 lbs.
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