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Rear Seat is stuck - HELP!!

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In addition to jobs where I transport my videography dolly around, I use my Metris to transport my son (in a wheelchair) to his appointments. Typically, I remove the three-seater row in the back, and bring my son in from the rear of the Metris. Had I known then what I know now about the 2-seat row, I would have stopped doing that. However, I was convinced back then that moving the rear seat, from the rear doors, was the way to go. That being said...

A few days ago, I returned from one of my son's doctor's appointments. The wife and I attempted to re-insert the rear seat to the back of the Metris, and now it is stuck!! While the left and right latches are connected, the middle latch is not, and I cannot unlock the mechanisms to push the chair forward!!
I promise I will take some photos after I remove the middle seats. But for now, if anyone knows a trick I should try before sending it to the dealership, I'd appreciate it!
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If I understand correctly you have somehow latched the base in a couple of points and missed one so now the pressure of the flexed frame has locked the seat in?
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Ok - after finally setting time to remove the middle row, in the front, only the left latch is fully lodged in. The other two are sticking out. If I need to take pics from the rear, please let me know. Thanks to all!
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I don't have the seats, but could this be something where it becomes a two person thing to push / pull, lift or press down on the seat, ... to reduce friction on whatever is binding?
Or add weight to the seat strategically, to unlock the locked one?

Also, I'm seeing some bolts and nuts on those brackets.
Might loosening one or more of them up, offer a little help?

That would be how I would play around with it.
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