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2016 Cargo/ camper van
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I've had 2 occasions recently, successive trips, that have resulted in fluid venting from the differential in my 2016 cargo van. The first trip was about 275 miles, almost entirely highway driving. After that trip I parked on my asphalt driveway. A couple of days later I drove around town doing some errands, maybe 20 miles of routine city driving. I parked the van in my garage after that trip. I then noticed the fluid on the asphalt where the rear differential had been. A quick look under the van showed more fluid on the garage floor below the differential. There was nothing unusual about the load or driving conditions on either trip. The van has about 21K miles.

I brought it into the local Sprinter dealer (there are no Metis dealers in Alaska) and it was confirmed that the fluid had come out of the differential vent. The technician reported that the fluid level and quality were both good.

It seemed odd to me that it would suddenly be venting fluid when there were no big changes in the driving conditions or environmental factors.

Has anyone else had this issue?
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