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Pricing your Metris

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I came within a signature of buying a Metris yesterday but stopped short due to price and a couple of options that were on the van that I did not really want. The options were totaling about $2000. It seems like the dealer only orders stock units with just about everything you can get on them, except for a trailer hitch which I really need.

Anyway, this caused me to wonder if folks are paying MSRP for these vans. that said the MSRP seems pretty reasonable relative to the competition. Can you guys let me know if you got discounts off MSRP. Usually a dealer does not discount a new model, and I have never dealt with Mercedes until now. Great sales guy, but I'm just a newbie in the MB world. Been a Honda -Chevy guy till now. - Thanks
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They will definitely deal, and fairly deeply. I'd offer somewhere in the neighborhood of 90% of sticker and be prepared to walk away. There's currently a $1500.00 rebate as well as 2 years maintenance as incentives.
If you need the trailer hitch it appears that it's best (so far) to have it pre-installed. There are a couple on here trying to figure out an aftermarket solution but haven't found one (yet). Not sure if you can order something and still try to get a deal.
I ordered mine in May with nearly $3k off the sticker. It has the hitch ex factory, a Westfalia unit. Get it factory- doing so gets you camera zoom for hitching and the Trailer Stability Assist program.
I got $3400 but got it on 30th Dec. They tricked me on the destination charge else could have been more, but mine was all options included. Check to get a fair idea on whats the lowest in your market and offer that.
I got $2,250 off sticker price in Nov, 19th. I needed before Thanksgiving trip to Vegas so I bought it at my local dealer even I know I would save more if I could wait a little longer. To be honest, I've been feeling good to be first one on the block driving it: I've seen only one cargo in silver so far.
We ordered ours this last Sat and I negotiated just above invoice. I believe that worked out to be 2000-2500 (ish) off of the sticker. Other than automatic climate and the carpets, I think we have most of the options.

I am right there with you, DKTVAV, we are stoked to have something no one else has yet. Granted we have to wait 2+ months to get the configuration we wanted, but it's worth the wait!
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I'm not gonna brag and say I got mine way below invoice. I'm just not going to do it.>:D

Good to hear about the $1500 and maintenance incentive. When I ordered, they said it was currently at $750. I'll be putting that rebate toward extended warranty.

What are you guys paying for the extended warranty??
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We signed at about $2000 Cdn below sticker a month ago. With the Canadian dollar having dropped significantly since they first announced the prices, once you factor in the change in the exchange rate, we got a fantastic deal. The deal also includes the first three scheduled maintenance visits for free and they gave us the extended warranty for 6yrs/160,000kms for free.
Wow, jsandah and RobbMeeX, I will have to push my dealer and see if I can get a similar deal based on yours once I get the final paperwork. Thanks for posting this!
What are you guys paying for the extended warranty??
I was quoted:
1 year- 1040
2 year- 1820
3 year- 2600
4 year- 3380

Seemed reasonable so I went with 4 years and rolled it into the financing at 3.9%. Peace of mind for 7 years/120,000 miles is pretty sweet!
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I went with the four year at that price, too. I really wish they had a longer ~150k option, as well. I really would like the car's ELW to last the length of my payments... lol.
I ordered a cargo Metris a week ago. I was told 14-18 weeks. They are made in Spain, shipped to England, the body is removed from the chassis, sent in 2 crates on 2 different ships, reassembled in South Carolina, sent to my state/town. There is a financial incentive to do this for MB. I got everything at dealer Net Price. My dealer gave me the print out with NP & MSRP. I am not thrilled about the rebate --- I will get what it will be when DELIVERED, NOT when I ordered. My dealer was giving $1500 rebate plus 2 first maint service free. [12 mos/15k whichever is first]. Now, when it arrives, there may be none, same, better when it comes in. I was told that is how MB does things. IF I bought one off of the lot, I would have gotten the rebate mentioned.
I ordered a cargo to work out of. I did not order a bunch of ginger bread items I don't want. Plus, stuff to go wrong. I got the trailer hitch, power/heated mirrors, storage tray center console, overhead control panel, led strip rear compartment, cruise, 270 degree doors, tinted rear windows, cargo straps/d rings. I do not like the passenger side mirror at all and will add a circular convex mirror to see the blind spots. I did NOT get the electric alarm. I also did not want the 'driver alert' gizmo, but was told it can be shut off. I don't want the think beeping to tell me to take a break every 15 minutes. I was told IF you drive on a straight road for a while on a trip, it will beep more often.
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I have had the driver alert go off on me. I will tell you that it is highly accurate. It is not time based, it really does correspond to your ability to safely drive. But I frequently drive several hundred miles in a day, so...
Newb to this site! Hello all!

Just starting my search and research for a new Metris Passenger .

Drove one in Colorado last week and was extremely impressed! Esp after driving a Transit Connect Wagon and Kia Sedona !! Uggg.

Was offered the 1500 incentive and service deal and got the impression that there was more room in the deal. Didnt press at the time.

This dealer and many in my home area -San Fran Bay Area- seem to have heavy inventories of these.

I would not be surprised that a bit of shopping could snag a great deal.

Altho dealer said a custom order vs stock inventory would be same $, I bet something on the lot would go for less....

Have the MY2016 MB Equipment Handbook and the Dealer Ordering guide so will delve into these to see exactly what's up with options, etc.

I have yet to see one on the road, which certainly makes me wonder how well they are selling...

To me it's like a mini Sprinter and I gotta have one!

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I have had the driver alert go off on me. I will tell you that it is highly accurate. It is not time based, it really does correspond to your ability to safely drive. But I frequently drive several hundred miles in a day, so...
I had it go off in the C class loaner I took to school (I'm now Mercedes alignment certified) but it was after driving 4 hours after being in class all day. It was due. I took a break, leak and hit the road again. All good. Not a bad feature.
Nicely done, I did negotiable $500 off the MSRP and ask them to through in a free back row mats. How much did you guy paid for the van? I know the Canadian dollar is dropping and I order mine in Nov.
Really appreciate everybody chiming in with price data. I'm still in touch with the MB sales rep. Will let you know what we come up with.
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Drove a Metris passenger van last weekend and liked it a lot. A surprise was that, after comparing the leatherette and fabric seats, we prefer the fabric. We worked up the specs from the Mercedes website and asked for a quote from a nearby dealer on ordering a van. We've been quoted 5% off of the list, and also a $1500 incentive. That incentive is in play now, and the dealer has said that it may not be available when the van is delivered sometime in June. Any incentive offered at the time of delivery would be the one applied. That makes it hard to close the deal, as I want to know, when I place the order, what I will be paying. I'm now pricing the same van through a different dealer to see what happens.
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In BC, Canada, you must go to your own city to place order for the Metris, if you go to somewhere else, they going refer you back to your city dealer to order the Metris so can't price around in BC and not all dealer can place the Metris, only dealer that carry commercial fleet can order.
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