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OEM-style Dash Cam Up for Trade

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Hi all:

I have a 2-year old AliExpress OEM-style W447 specific dash cam I'm willing to trade for some kind of Metris part or accessory, van camping, ebike, newish Patagonia (L), or fishing gear (the link is to the actual product). It's a 1080p model and about $96 new, without the micro-SD card. I'll throw in the 32GB micro-SD I bought too. I swapped it for a 2160p model. I hardwired my original cam because I wanted 24/7 monitoring for parking hits and vandalism, and I kept that wiring, so the old one comes with the cabling for plug and play installation off of power available in the overhead console by the rear view mirror. If you have the EK1 option, it's really easy to hard wire for always-on power as you don't need to remove the headliner, just the A-pillar cover and passenger side side dash cover. The beauty of the OEM style is that it is camouflaged really well and doesn't obstruct your exterior view. lt'll be about $23 for large flat rate box priority mail shipping (only way I'll ship). I'll pay your shipping, or maybe the costs wash.

The dash cam works really well and is in like-new condition. The higher resolution is not really for accident recording, but more for fun on my trips. I really don't want cash, and I don't want to eBay or toss it. I am an Android user and Timacam is the preferred adware app for viewing and DL'ing the video.

Here's a couple of 1 second apart pixs (screen capture from video) of a very careless driver cutting me off in the garden spot of Yuma, AZ, where I had just imbibed an Agua de Jamaica and several delicious tacos al pastor. That's tire smoke, not exhaust. I had to test Metris' brakes severely, and Metris won, thankfully. Anyway, you can see how quickly the closing distance evaporates at 40 MPH. I think a dash cam is essential kit for any road warrior. As is typical, it hard stores events after impacts or hard braking, and otherwise records in 60 second intervals while continuously overwriting the oldest data. With 32 GB, I get about 12 hours of recording time -- an advantage of the lower resolution.

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Here's the actual unit (it came with the pry tool). I put the plastic lens protector from the new unit on the old one for safekeeping.

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How do you play back the video? Can you do it with the Metris head unit or do you have to have to pull the SD card and use a PC?
How do you play back the video? Can you do it with the Metris head unit or do you have to have to pull the SD card and use a PC?
WiFi to your phone, then wherever or SD card.
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