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Metris window vents

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I ordered the Window vents online (not sure if I’m supposed to mention the company) and the ones that arrived do not fit my windows (top part too long to allow lower section to fit into place). They were supposed to be for 2016-2023 Metris. The ones sent say Viano 2004-2014. I have reached out and we are going around in circles. My van is a 2016 passenger. I confirmed the 126”wheelbase and they are saying the ones sent should be the correct ones. I’m sure these products come from overseas versions of our vans so it may have different labeling. I’m wondering if the ones put in the packaging are maybe labeled correctly but just not the correct product. Any experience with this or info is appreciated.
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Thanks Gottlieb. I thought the 2004-2014 date was the problem and was surprised that they still came back to me saying those should be the correct ones. I’m going to try one more time (fourth time) to see if they can correct it. Otherwise I can hopefully just return them. Here are pictures with the dimensions (23 3/4” along top section and 18 3/4” along bottom section) in case someone has these and can compare. Here is also a picture of another Metris vent version from a different company. My concern with this style is whether rain could make its way in with the lower vents being angled. Maybe someone on here has experience with this style?
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Hey Pounce, that is exactly what I ordered. I didn’t put their name on my first post. It’s odd that what showed up from them was the 2004-2014 Viano vents and their customer service is saying that should be the correct vents for my 2016 passenger Metris.
Weird. I guess they are human and made a mistake.
Yep, that’s why I said in my original post that they may have used the correct label but put the wrong product in the package. So far the response is just that it should be the correct product and they will have to check with their overseas manufacturer. Never said to send it back to see if the wrong product was sent, exchange for a new one or just send back for a refund if it doesn’t fit the vehicles listed in the ad. Oh well, we’ll see how it goes. Still curious if anyone on the forum has used the Metris window vents that have the top and diagonal vents and whether they are fine in a hard rain.
Looks like the wrong product was sent out.

I have no idea why OMAC would go around in circles about it, when the label of what you have in front of you shows Viano 2004-2014, and it simply doesn't fit ... while you have a van from 2016.

I have the weathertech units as well. Very happy with them. Walking past the vehicle, one can't tell if the window is down a bit or not. I do sometimes have click the window up twice to close. No mosquito / bug screens ... but then I am not using mine as a camper.
Thanks Icerabbit. Yesterday I ordered a set of the Weathertech ones that you guys have mentioned. Decent price on those. I already had the skeeter beater bug screens so I will use those in combo for now when camping. I’m camping over the second weekend of Jazzfest so hopefully I’ll have them by then to put to use. I’ll have to wait and see how things resolve with the Omac vents.
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