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Metris window vents

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I ordered the Window vents online (not sure if I’m supposed to mention the company) and the ones that arrived do not fit my windows (top part too long to allow lower section to fit into place). They were supposed to be for 2016-2023 Metris. The ones sent say Viano 2004-2014. I have reached out and we are going around in circles. My van is a 2016 passenger. I confirmed the 126”wheelbase and they are saying the ones sent should be the correct ones. I’m sure these products come from overseas versions of our vans so it may have different labeling. I’m wondering if the ones put in the packaging are maybe labeled correctly but just not the correct product. Any experience with this or info is appreciated.
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Weird. I guess they are human and made a mistake.
I have the weather tech window rain guards. Work for me.
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