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I just took my 2018 Cargo 135 on a 600 mile weekend run out to the desert, so I wanted to report my impressions after 90 or so days of ownership. Having owned a 1999 Eurovan for the better part of 13 years (RIP 2011), I also wanted to share my comparison observations. I've only completed two upgrades: The CRL 642L window (drivers) and the SCOPEMA Rib swivel from, but I have a very healthy list of factory options for driver/passenger comfort and convertibility into my version of an SUV/RV.

The Metris remains totally rattle or squeak free, even post-swivel install. We banged around on a few desert trails, and nothing has started to shake yet! I think the RWD setup has major off road advantages. There was no way the Eurovan could handle bouncing off road with all that weight up front in the FWD engine-transaxle, and I think that is what I notice. I also enjoy driving RWD on dirt with traction control off. :grin:

On the highway at speed, the Metris engine doesn't work as hard as the VW. No where near as revvy, hitting my highway speed in the 2,100 to 2,300 rpm range as opposed to 2,800-ish for the naturally aspirated VR6. All cars should be supercharged one way or another. I got to stomp it a few times, and I am very satisfied with the response throughout the rev and speed range.

I am still learning to use the automatic climate control. As of now, I have to screw around with it far too much for something that it is supposed to be automatic. Not sure it can really keep up with the needs of a large van. VW wins here.

Did I say I love the Metris engine?


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