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Metris review by AutoGuide

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Car like road manners should make it great for maneuvering around busy city streets, looking forward to testing that out.
yea i dunno, I've read a few of these reviews and they're all raving about how planted it is through the turn, no hints of understeer, you can really push at the limit...oh wait wrong review ;)
It matters to an extent, people will want to know what it's like to drive
Dude, my friend has a Sprinter, 170" Extended high top 3500. As he once remarked to a woman on a dating site, "I drive the largest model Mercedes sells." Loaded to the gunwales, possibly overweight, with clothing and such, he will keep his foot on the floor to do 82 mph on the highway. And he will slalom it around lanes. He goes faster in it than I go in my ML350 sometimes.

If the Sprinter can do that... I wonder what the Metris, with its four wheel independent suspension, substantially lower curb weight, and much smaller size, can do? Also with more horsepower than the six and the same torque as the four.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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