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Posting my learnings here once again in case it helps anyone. FWIW I've learned a ton from reading forums and blog posts and want to pay it forward when I can. If I do any work related to my Getaway that requires a significant amount of hours or brain power I'll happily share here to save others time.

Being a green household (or attempting to be one) with 2 young boys, we're big into only purchasing non-toxic products, foods and toys as much as possible. Call it overkill, but we have air monitors in each room to track VOCs, CO2, temp, dust, and humidity (bc SIDS), we try to refrain from buying plastic especially for the kiddos, we buy organic foods, and we renovated our house to minimize adhesives, glues, and any materials that may unknowingly off-gas harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, etc.

Knowing our '22 Getaway was converted by Driverge, I had recently reached out to them to see if we could get some info on the laminate wood and adhesive used for the flooring and they were kind enough to provide me with the MSDSs. Thankfully, both are Greenguard Gold certified! Attaching MSDSs and links for quick reference.

Greenguard certs
Wilsonart laminate certs
Wilsonart adhesive certs (search by product #, e.g., "3100", "3105")

Greenguard Certified = Allows 500 μg/m3 total VOCs. product has been tested and scientifically proven to have low chemical emissions and is guaranteed to give off only low levels of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs.
Greenguard Gold Certified = Allows 220 μg/m3 total VOCs. Requires lower total VOC emissions levels to help ensure that products are acceptable for use in environments like schools and healthcare facilities.


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