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Interesting Metris conversion[/URL] for sale on from a dealer in Southern Cali, with new rear seating and other finishings in the back. Listing lacks detail, but pictures seem to show rear facing jump seats in place of second row, some type of fridge unit, other interior details. Step closer to V-class or lux Eurovan replacement.
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Interesting but poorly done. I certainly don't think it's worth the $20k premium.
Another Metris Conversion

Here is another Metris conversion...

The street price more photos can be seen here...


I'm not a fan of conversion vans in general; in an attempt to provide "luxury" so many of them end up looking pretty tacky.

That said, if Mercedes doesn't offer more of the upscale bits and pieces that are available on the Vito in other markets, I could see going for one of these without the extended roof, without the additional body side molding, without the embroidered MB logos everywhere, and with the standard passenger version MB wheels. Taking a quick look at the Explorer van options sheet, it looks like a van like that would end up in the $45k - $50k range.
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Converted interiors are fine in terms of additional comfort but there's really no point in have carbon fiber everything and all those fancy accents. I do like the idea of having seats face each other too so nobody feels left out in conversations on long car rides.
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