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Mercedes Metris CarPlay Issues

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Hello Metris fam! Just curious has anyone else reached their wits end with getting a resolution for the Metris Audio 30 not consistently connecting with CarPlay? I've been told that it is a known issue with MBUSA but that they have no resolution at this point. With the Metris soon to be discontinued in the US, my concern is that they would not be pressed to find a resolution with it no longer an issue for North America.

Are there enough bummed Metris owners who might be willing to get together to try and pressure MBUSA to find a resolution for all? Maybe pressing their legal team to do something? As the disconnecting CarPlay can ultimate lead to a liability if someone is using maps and gets disconnected and are unable to reconnect and become distracted? I know it's a reach, but I'm so bummed that CarPlay doesn't work :(
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On the 2021 you have two usb. Only usb 1 can be used for carplay. Must be apple cable. You cannot have two apple products connected and have them both work.

The 2021 manual is clearly from a Vito and modified... Or not. It mention DAB and we don't have that in the states.

The manual says devices with MTP work like MP3 players. Does say iPods are supported. External drives need external power supply.
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