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Mercedes-Benz's V-Class Gets A Sporty AMG Package

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Motor Authority reviewed the upcoming AMG line package for the Mercedes-Benz V-Class and it looks amazing from the outside and inside!

The Mercedes-Benz V-Class is sold here in the United States as a commercial vehicle known as the Metris, but in other markets it’s positioned as a plush people carrier aimed at high-end transport services and large families.
Maybe this will also be available for the Metris in the future.

The AMG Line package for the V-Class borrows a number of design elements from the Mercedes-AMG performance lineup, including newly styled front and rear bumpers, distinctive side sill panels, 19-inch AMG light-alloy wheels, and a lip spoiler. But it’s not just about looks as the package also features a 17-inch braking system, lowered suspension with tauter spring and damper settings, and an available Agility Control variable damper system.

There are also a number of upgrades for the interior, including an available panoramic roof and new center comfort system with a chiller compartment, LED-illuminated thermo-cupholders, two iPad holders in the rear and rear seat air conditioning. The standard kit includes vents finished in chrome, a sports pedal cluster in brushed aluminum, carbon fiber-look trim and a black headlining.

The AMG Line package for the V-Class will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show on September 15 and will be available to order in markets where the V-Class is sold towards the end of the year. There’s no word yet if any of these AMG Line features will be offered on our own Metris van.

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Never liked that style of roof in a lot of vehicles but in the Metris it works very well and complements what the metric is all about.
I'm not digging the extremes. I'd like the Metris with 8 comfortable leather seats with armrests, a sunroof, a DVD player, Bluetooth, and satellite radio. You know, a family minivan. Don't need the swoopy dash, etc.

It'll still be a family minivan, just more luxurious but I'm not sure if you can fit 8 seats in the more sporty version. I think 4 rear passenger seats is the maximum for the back. It's more than just an interior upgrade, the suspension and braking system gets an upgrade too.

I'm probably biased too since these kinds of interior upgrades would have been added to mine but it would cost more than if I had the option to just get the AMG package.
Yea doesn't look like there is a ton of space in the back for cargo even if you take the seats out. If you are just wanting to haul passengers mostly, this could work.
the carbon and ground effects are a little much no...
They don't really mention the leftover cargo space after the upgrade but I imagine you can probably shift the seats forward a bit to increase it.
Why an AMG full size van? It doesn't seem like that is something very important to people who would be in the market for a full size van. Are you guys interested?
I'm kind of interested because it does look like a very comfortable metris option and after years of sitting in an old van I do want to pamper myself a bit. It's a possibility or it could be used as a layout for future seat modifications.
Ohhhhh, I thought there was an extra special engine too. The cosmetic and comforts and such are great. Still a bit expensive but a good option for some for sure.
Unfortunately no, there isn't a special engine but there are a few changes made to it besides the interior upgrade. It would be interesting if Mercedes-Benz came out with a Metris option in the future that switches out it's current engine with an electrical one. I think they are coming out with a concept vehicle equipped with an electrical engine that has maximum range of 400 to 500 km.
I think a hybrid might be a better way to go. Some people may be very interested in a hybrid or full electric version simply because they want to be good to the environment.
I would be mortified if they futzed around with an electric powertrain before they put in the engine that should have been standard to begin with- the 2.1 litre diesel from the Sprinter.
A diesel engine would be great and should happen first, but a hybrid engine I think would also get some sales.
I wouldn't touch one with a ten foot poll. Nor should any other fleet buyers. Gas-electric hybrids are a crock and always have been. They make no sense whatsoever, they are designed to be sold to people who want to look green. Personally, a think taking a bath in green food coloring would make you look less stupid.

If you want to save fuel considerably, a diesel-electric hybrid without retentive batteries makes more sense (ala a diesel electric locomotive). As for pure electrics, it is a technology that makes sense... but it is also in its infancy. Tesla took it beyond science project, for sure, but I wouldn't buy a work truck with such a power train for another five years or so.
This layout with 4 captains chairs in the back is the seating configuration and seat quality/comfort level we are looking for in a Metris for a family road trip vehicle. Wondering if upfitters will take to the Metris van (like they have to Sprinter) and bring these options before Mercedes does. Maybe that is Mercedes plan in the US market, to allow others to offer models for sport, camping, comfort, etc. I think they are adverse to putting vans on the showroom floor next to the likes of the S class. I also think they would have a hard time selling an AMG Metris at the Sprinter store next to the work vans. And, I also think it is time to get over it and offer a luxury Mercedes van in the US as part of the regular passenger car lineup. The R class was not it. Our family of 6 travels in a GL 450 which is a very nice vehicle. It has very little cargo space when the third row is in use and passenger access to the third row is not super convenient.

Does anyone know if the standard Metris seat rails are easily reconfigurable? It appears that there are three rails on the stock model and that this will not really allow for four evenly spaces single captains chairs like the photos of the AMG in this post. If I could easily swap out the stock seats with something more comfortable I would be a lot closer to making a purchase.

The rated towing capacity of Metris is quite a bit better than other non-full-size family vans available in the US as it gives the ability to bring a bit larger boat or camper. More towing capacity would be even better.

4X4 WITH extra ground clearance is also almost required here in the far northern Midwest where we often get over 100" of snow. Rear wheel drive alone is really not adequate. I would actually prefer front wheel drive over rear wheel drive but AWD is best. At our Mercedes dealership, almost every vehicle is sold as 4Matic when available.
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The standard seat rails do not offer a two-bucket option. They only offer the installation of the single-and-two 2nd row and the 3place third row. The 2 place row is for two euro sized adults- it's not good for 2 large adults.

If you want to fit two adults comfortably in The second row with the factory seats (which is safest- factory or factory approved) order the 8 passenger version. I looked at one two days ago- trust me on this.
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Safety first, might as well go that route and who knows maybe it will have better resale value come time to sell it, double win.
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