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Mercedes-Benz has come out with a winter driving guide for vans.AutoEvolution points out that really these tips apply to every vehicle, "Just replace “van” with “car” and “cargo” with “wife and kids,” and you’re good to go."

The guide is comprised of 10 points that range from the obvious to common sense to solid reminders. They include:

Make sure your van is ready for winter

Your brakes, tyres, belts, alternator, anti-freeze, screen wash, oil and wiper blades should all be checked at the start of the season and then again regularly throughout winter. Mercedes-Benz offer a free Visual Health Check and it’s advisable to take this up in autumn to make sure your van is in good shape for the winter months.

Above all, be alert
Other road users are likely to behave unpredictably.
A printed leaflet of the guide will be available at any Mercedes-Benz Vans dealer.
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