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Mercedes-Benz Metris Van 1st drive with GM Mathias Geisen

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The Metris is a right-sized vehicle: It is larger than the small vans and smaller than the large vans. Its value proposition includes superior craftsmanship, high cargo/towing capacity, and an attractive price.

It is designed to thrive in large metropolitan areas with an agile yet spacious presence.

The Cargo Van starts at $28,950, and the Passenger Van starts at $32,500 (excluding $995 destination/delivery charge for both vans). Because all Mercedes-Benz Vans feature the advantages of top service at dealerships, top levels of safety and ergonomics, and exemplary Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), the Metris shines in all áreas.

It can easily fit into a parking garage in a large metropolitan area, and can also meet the needs of those who work out of their homes. In addition, it carries many of the rugged characteristics of the Sprinter.
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