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Mercedes Benz Metris Review From Boston

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Sprinter Guy Boston has recently reviewed the Metris which should be available in Boston around mid to late October.

One thing he has mentioned while driving is that the Metris is the 38.7-inch turning radius. I was not aware of what it actually was for the Metris until now but it's good to know that I can make tight turns or U turns with it.
Also, there is a slight difference in suspension between the passenger and cargo van as the passenger van's suspension is less stiff.

It's not a long review but he was able to include a suggestion in it which was to go with the eighth seat option as they are easily removable and it is a good value.
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Thanks for pulling up turning radius, that was something i was always curious about since being in a big city there's a lot of situations where i have to be in narrow streets or just need to have better turing radius
According to the Mercedes Benz, the Metris has the best-in-class turning radius so if it can't make those tight turns I doubt other vans of similar size could.
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