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Lagun table location?

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Hi all,
Has anyone mounted a swing away table (or anything else for that matter) on the vertical wall of the step up?
I’m trying to find a table mounting point that will still allow my euro seats to slide all the way forward. The red line I drew represents my proposed table leg location.
Thanks in advance for your advice.
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Thanks for sharing my write-up pounce. It’s a little involved but works well and the l-track has multi-purpose. My other thought when I saw this post might be a simpler option (I didn’t think of it back then). If you don’t want to put in an l-track like I did, you could pop off the plastic step cover, then locate one of the torx screws by B-pillar that is one of the attachment point for the metal step shelf underneath the plastic. Then double utilize the torx for a lower attachment point in combination with the cargo lashing point. That should give you a strong mount for the Lagun table bracket.. you may need to notch out some of the plastic step on the edge of the step by the b-pillar. Just a thought…
Thank you both for the info. I’m definitely going to look into popping the step up cover & utilizing the existing torx bolts. this forum is the best! Thanks again y’all!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts