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Metris Cargo 135 2020
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I think the default answer is no. Technically it is possible, but economical and practical is another issue; due to complexity, modules, keys, sensors, parts, wiring, ... and the cost of installation. At least that is how it has been historically for when people have asked about it for various MB models ... bought this car, it is great, wish it had ...

It is pretty much one of those options to order from the factory, or keep in mind for the next vehicle.

Not something I would entertain; but some entrepreneuring folks have successfully rigged some keyless open and go in some MB by - get this - hiding the regular key module thing in the dash with the key held in place; and piggy-backing a keyless go unit onto that key system ...

The people with the most experience with upgrading MB vehicles electronically ( like Metris remote start ), may be Mid City Engineering. Maybe give them a call or shoot them an email.
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