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First off I really like the look of this thing. I've always thougt vans were ugly but not this one. My concern is the build it, tear it down and ship it, and rebiuld it. I'm not crazy about that part. I am very mech. inclined and just concerned.

The part I really like. (1) It will fit in my garage, that is a must, HOA won't allow work type vans in driveway and I'm ok with that one. (2) Great fuel mileage. (3) I'm just not a pickup guy, " I've hauled more with my 530i and trailer than most of trucks on the road" and all of your stuff gets wet. (3) My dirt bike and gear will fit in this thing. (4) I can light camp on bike trips. (5) It can tow 5000 lbs. "which i would not do with this little engine" I can sell our small motorhome and downsize to a small camper..3000 lbs.

Dislikes. (1) The whole build and break down and build. (2) I wish it was a diesel, but with the torque out of these small engines that is not a huge deal.

Does anyone know if you can pick up in Charleston sc after buying through your dealer.

Lane from Fort Mill sc....I never thought I would be on a van forum! lol
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