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I have carefully prodded on the right side, where there looks to be a small cutout for a screw driver / little pry tool, but nothing is moving ... and I'd rather not break any tabs.

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Reason being, I may try to tie-in some of my LED strips, at least temporarily. As it seems that the fixed length LED strip was no match for my serious attempt at covering the whole ceiling and doing the super tedious 90 degree little flex thingies overhead. With power from the rear, light only wants to travel half way.

Line Electricity Beam Air travel Ceiling

Checked connections. Seems there is too much resistance due to length, even though the connectors are for that ribbon style. My options are to split it half with two small circuits, or maybe tie in the front part into the dome light ... or just scrap it and start over. Maybe just do a straight line down the middle.

Anyway. I would like to have a look behind that dome light, without breaking anything.
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