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'Tis nice to see the Metris moving forward enough that at least one dealer is posting his Metris inventory
even if it has an ETA of late October.
I also noted in one of his Metrises (Metrii?) it lists cruise control as a separate addition rather than as part of a package as, if I recall correctly, the order guide we have indicates as the only option.
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which one has the cruise control as a separate option? i thought it was only available in a package too.
This makes me wonder what else I can add on as additional options without the need to purchase a full package. I certainly don't need everything in the Driver Efficiency Package. Let's hope Mercedes comes out with a build your Metris option on their site to make everything easier.
The Metris seems like the type of vehicle that it should be very alla carte with the options. Add to the van and customize it to exactly what you need it for. I find option packages annoying -- forcing me to buy things I don't actually want and may not even use.
Packages are only cost effective if the options are what you want but I'm not going to pay $1,140 for the Premium Appearance Package when I only want the roof rails.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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