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How to remove front plate

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I just got my silver Metris.
But I forgot to tell my dealer to remove the front license plate for me.

Can i manually remove it by myself? Is there any chance the bumper might damage? There is not just plate and another black plate holder. There are attached in front of bumper.
I know it's free charge when we place the order to remove the front plate. But I forgot to get it and change my mind after getting the car.

Thanks in advance.
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Easy.. just remove it by removing the 4 screws, under that is the Euro Spec size plate molded into the bumper. I bought a cool euro custom plate and it looks much better. Also no damage by removing the big black US plate thing.
Just make sure the tool you use is exact to the type of screw, some guys will use one a size slightly smaller cause they can't find anything else and end up chewing the head of the screw... and you don't want to know what happens after that.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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