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Hi folks. This is an intro and I'm glad to see a Metris Forum. I have been very active on other forums so this is good news.

I test drove a fully optioned passenger version last week and I love the van. It would be the first MB vehicle I have ever owned. I have owned a bunch of other vehicles from many manufacturers and tend to do my own service work. The Metris is in the running to replace my Honda Ridgeline truck, and is competing with Chevy Suburban. The Metris is currently in the lead! Wife drives an Odyssey. I'm not a big fan of full-size American vans due mainly to size.

This may not be the place for questions but I am having some trouble confirming whether or not the rear drive differential is "locking" type. The salesman at MB dealer could not specifically confirm although I believe he tried and spoke to the service dept.. He felt it was likely an "open" style diff. One of my reasons for considering this van is the towing capacity, but I also need the locking rear since they don't offer 4WD. It's a job requirement. If anyone has insight on this I would appreciate it.

Nice to meet you all.

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It's not a locking differential. It's an open differential, because except in the case of extreme off-roading , locking differentials are old technology. The car has a computer program called ASR which detects varying wheel speed and brakes spinning wheels which produces the same basic effect as a locking differential.

If you can do it with two wheel drive, you can do it with a Metris.
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