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Headlight alignment, or maybe aftermarket replacements?

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My left headlight is a bit lower than the right, and I know it shouldn't but it really bothers me. When I asked the dealer last year they said they're fine and within spec, but I can see the difference. The right one shines a good 7 to 10 feet further. Can this somehow be adjusted?

On a different note, the headlights aren't very powerful either. I do not desire to be one of those mugs with dipped beams as bright as high beams, but I see some aftermarket LED units for the W447 on Ebay and such. Does anybody have any experience with those?
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Did you see the other headlight threads?
This thread may help …

And if the lamp housings have the same structure, this has some pictures ( not near my van to check )
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Did you see the other headlight threads?
Just this one

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