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As you know the premium overhead console has a switch that is supposed to keep the interior lights from triggering when a door is open. A week or so ago I toggled the switch as I often do to stop the lights from going on when I nap/rest/watch Netflix while laying down in the back seat. I sometimes open the sliding door briefly to cool or vent the cabin, and I don't like the lights coming on.

When I did this a week ago the lights in the rear went on when I opened the sliding door. I pushed the on off switch a few times and it eventually started doing what it was supposed to. Opening the drivers door would not turn on any lights.

It then stopped having any affects on the rear lights when the switch is depressed. It still functions as intended on the overhead console lights.

And just now it has stopped having any effect at all.

Wait, it's variable and depends how I tap it. I bet it's a loose wire on the switch. I bet it's a canbus switch and not a hard one.

Anyway! I am at 39k miles but do have the ELW to 7/120. I am obviously going to follow my own advice and take it to the dealer. Robb: think the ELW will cover this? And do you think I can wait for my 45k?
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