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Happy new Cargo owner saying Hello. Lease details within.

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I am very excited about my new van!! I am a Finish Carpenter/Contractor, and I've been looking for the perfect combination of: smaller size, car like driving manners, and good mileage. I've been driving trucks for years, and knew that a van was a much better use of space for a trades person. I have been in an 06 Silverado extended cab, which has held up ok mechanically, but is a barge to drive around, and sounds like it's trying to rattle itself apart with 130k miles on it. Seeing this article on "Van Racking" from an English carpenter cemented my need for a work van:

I have considered every cargo van out there, but could not put 15K miles a year on an econoline or similar. For me, they are too prehistoric feeling to live with on a daily basis. The Sprinter size vans are too big for what I usually carry around. (is there a Goldilocks emoji?) Despite this, I was ready to get a smaller Transit, but I saw an ad for the metris. One test drive and it was over. To me, the Metris feels like driving around in a modern car, and I love that about it. This is my first post here, but i PROMISE to do a build thread of the shelving in the van.

I also thought some would like to know the details on what i got.. I leased a model that Mercedes Benz of Laguna Niguel had in stock (Orange County, CA). It is not exactly how I would have ordered it, but I figured I could get them to bend on the price a little since it was a "year end" sale. They did. I drove a van on the 18th or 19th of Dec and shot several emails back and forth with Mario (I recommend them and him, if anyone in SoCal is looking...), before signing on the 29th. They came in higher than I was comfortable with, and tried to suggest that 48 month leases are the way to go. NO, thank you. There was a 3 year lease deal advertising a $299 month deal with 3K down, but you know how these go... (no option model with low miles allowed per year). I don't want to bore anyone with all of the details of the transaction process, but here is the deal I got:
MSRP: 33500 (ish)
Sales Price : 31800
Drive offs: $2480 ($2K cap cost reduction, first months payment, and...?)
Payment: 430/mo ($397 before CA tax)
36 Month lease, with 15K miles per year (advertised lease was 10K/yr)
Residual: 57%
Money Factor: .00185 (one of the earlier counter offers was a higher mf, but this was the advertised rate from mbfs, and I wanted that rate!)

I'm sure that in the coming years, people will be able to do a LOT better than the deal I got, but I am happy with what I am paying for vehicle that was just released. If anyone has any questions, please fire away.

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I just picked up my Metris cargo van today. We ordered it in August. Our plans are to turn it into a mini no-frills camper. After driving it 150 miles home from the dealer via mixed roads, I have one comment and a few replies to comments I've read on this forum.

1. We definitely made the right decision.

2. The brakes seem fine to me.

3. The mirrors seem fine to me as well. But that may in part be because we have blind spot assist which worked really nicely.

4. The headlights seemed fine to me as well.

Perhaps one's views on some of these aspects depends on the car or truck one is currently driving when you pick up your Metris.

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Hi David,

I'm moving from an 07 Suburban 2500 and will be "racking" this van in a similar fashion to carry my professional equipment. I'm not a carpenter, but I have a bit of experience doing this as the Metris will be my 4th vehicle that I customize for my gear.

I'll be curious to hear your experiences and see what you come up with - update us when you can!
Will do! Starting on it this week, and will post a build thread.
Upgrading brake pads might be a good thing to do if you feel there's a need to go that direction, it will be an easy and cheap upgrade.
I'd suggest putting some miles on the stock pads, Benz is pretty good at brakes.
Benz brakes, really are...

Die best Oder nichts
Speaking of brakes, mine started squeaking quite a bit once I hit 1000 miles. This is mainly at low speeds, like when approaching a red light. Pads may be in order, as suggested above. Anyone else getting this?
Speaking of brakes, mine started squeaking quite a bit once I hit 1000 miles. This is mainly at low speeds, like when approaching a red light. Pads may be in order, as suggested above. Anyone else getting this?
Same exact problem here at less than 1,400 miles. I just wonder it's worth the time to go back to the dealer. Could you pin point where it's from? I think mine is from front passenger side.
Mine did that for a little while, 2000-4000 miles, then it stopped. Hasn't come back, I'm at 9600 miles now.
Thanks for this info! This post is about a year old, how are you liking your Metris now? I am in OC (not far from MBLN) and considering a Metris passenger for MTB races when my current Mercedes GLA lease expires. Is the van lease process pretty similar to a car one? I wondered since it's more considered a commercial vehicle and can't find much van lease info on the website.
Will do! Starting on it this week, and will post a build thread.
How has the van racking progress come along? Will take possession this coming week and also carpenter/contractor by trade. Eager to see some other samples then the other posts.
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The passenger van can be registered either way. Actually, I registered my Econoline as a personal passenger vehicle and never had a problem except for one cop, who pulled me over for 56 in a 40 (I thought it was a 50, with a fair reason) and mentioned offhandedly that I should be registered commercial- I didn't even get a speeding ticket. (It was a flea market truck, so it was being used commercially)
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