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I live in Texas and am purchasing a Metris for daily use as a family car. I love the vehicle appearance but also want to make sure that I get a color that looks upscale without making me look like a limo driver.

I've narrowed the selection to the Mountain Metalic White or Slate Metallic Grey (the other colors were not to my liking or would be hard to keep clean).

I'm leaning towards white because it'll be easier to keep clean and will stay cooler in the sun. Yet, I'm still liking grey. I am a little concerned that the black plastic mirrors and handles will look cheap against a white paint.

What are your thoughts?

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If you don't want to look like a limousine driver, I'd suggest avoiding either silver or Mountain Metalic White. I am partial to the Metallic Blue color and the Dolomite Brown, which really does look stunning in person- pictures don't do it justice. My car is Navy Blue- I like the hue, but the paint is thinner on the non metallic models. Had I known that I probably would have sprung for Dolomite Brown.
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