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Front Seat legroom

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Yesterday I went down to my local MB dealer, and sat in the only metris on the lot. That one is a cargo edition, and has the metal wall behind the front seats. I am fairly tall, and the legroom was awful. :frown: Anyone able to tell me about the legroom when there is no metal wall???

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As per Mercedes practice, seat travel is excellent. Without the divider you can recline the seat 45 degrees, the seat goes from fitting my 4'11" wife (she's telling in the background she's five feet, but she's wrong) comfortably to going far enough back that stretching, I can barely touch the pedals- I'm 5'11. Seat higher adjustment is about 6" of travel, too. You'll be fine.
Thanks for the information. It should work for me. Your wife is definitely 5'. I mean, what's in an inch! :) Thank you.
I am 6'2" and have no problem getting comfortable in my passenger van. The seat is not as far back as it can go.
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