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Most of the work I got the Metris for is local gigs, 20 minute drive each way with a weekly 1 hr commute - all sound-engineering stuff, small systems.

Once a year I provide for and manage a stage at a major music festival that is a 2 hour drive and involves camping for me & my wife as well as the sound setup. In the past I had an Odyssey and had to rent a trailer for the sound gear, this year I was able to fit everything in the van (attached picture is of the pack when I got home yesterday).

The sound gear filled the front half up to about 1/2 of the wheels & is the bulk of the weight, camping gear packed mostly behind that though the canopies & mats for our camp were intermingled with the sound gear, it was a glorious game of Tetris both ways.

I have to say, the van LOVES being packed to the ceiling like that, it rode super-smooth and I was able to maintain around 5-10 over the speed limit through NorCal's 101 through Sonoma & Mendocino counties with zero strain - only went slower for the tight curves for obvious reasons. I found myself passing a LOT of vehicles on the uphill parts, and rarely saw the tach get up to 3000, mostly it hovered around 1800-2200. I used the cruise control the whole way, I love the way it engine-brakes & is apparently tuned for efficiency, very smooth operation.

I got 22mpg on the way there, and 24.7 on the way back, my average over the 7500 miles since I purchased it has been 24mpg so the heavy load had minimal effect on MPG. AC was on both ways.

I am REALLY happy with this investment, it's the perfect vehicle for what I do & a pleasure to drive!


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