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Hi all: I found the Metris sales figures surprising compared to the Eurovan. Having owned both, I prefer the front engine, rear drive layout and handling. The VW VR6 2.8l engiine felt like it was revving too high all the time. Much less sophisticated transmission of course, and far more top heavy -- to the point of requiring reinforced sidewall tires. Better ground clearance than Metris.

Anyway, I think this chart bodes well for long-term resale. Sure wish I knew how many of the '18 and '19 cargo vans were 135" wheelbase.

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Solid growth numbers for a niche product, but why doesn’t Mercedes market the van? I only found out about it by mistake while looking for a new vehicle. The “commercial” side that sells the Sprinter is the lone sales arm for the Metris, so you can’t just walk into any MB dealership and buy one. While they are clearly marketing toward the commercial side, this is the perfect family van and trip vehicle. Their mix of equipment on the passenger vans can be kind of strange, based on what I’ve seen while doing my buying research. The passenger Metris that I bought has upgraded interior and exterior with nav and rear a/c, plus other neat convenience features - but it has manually adjustable exterior mirrors and manually adjustable seats. Weird! I haven’t bought a new vehicle with manual mirrors since my 1990 Nissan Hardbody 4x4 pickup. I guess that as Dr. Seuss said in “If I Ran the Zoo,” I’d make a few changes - yes, that’s what I’d do:
1. Sell the passenger van through ALL dealerships.
2. Develop 4 trim levels that have appropriate equipment upgrades for getting value at a good price point. From a base model with the crappy unpainted bumpers and power-nothing up to a fully-loaded land yacht, four standard trim levels ought to do it.
3. Market, market, MARKET! You can’t sell a vehicle that nobody knows exists! Besides, who wants a cramped and rinky-dink minivan (Honda Odyssey, et al) when the Metris is roomier, handles better, and is a Mercedes - for about the same price!

BTW - All my friends that I’ve shown my Metris to have been astonished at it, but to a person none even knew that it existed prior to seeing mine. That says volumes about how MB needs to step up their marketing game here and with this vehicle.
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