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I was constructive and I apologized ... no need to double down.

If/when I don't know anything about the subject, then I am extremely unlikely to participate, I am not even going to joke or attempt to.

But, let's back up for a second:

A post appeared from a new member, I did not see the thread (for whatever combination of reasons) and I tried to be helpful and give a quick generic answer, where I actually said nothing "wrong" ... which you said I was.

Unknown user, unknown van, hoping to keep pets cool in the back of the van.

If you are looking at a cargo van, no rear AC and you want to keep your pets cool in the back, it is not going to be cheap or easy to add AC to the rear, but can be done, aftermarket solutions have been seen, as in rooftop units, perhaps with the right thermostat ( not just freeze or chill ) ... maybe there's a heat pump that may be an option to do heating & cooling, depending on the situation ... not going to an MB thing, but third party upfit.

If you are looking at passenger van, it will have front & rear AC standard. Likely it does not have " enhanced" auto climate control and higher performance cooling. That is not going to be cheap or easy to add after the fact, probably involves an MB tech with intimate knowledge of both systems to know which actual mechanical parts are required, which controllers if needed, etc ... ... Which you actually said yourself!
41 - 41 of 41 Posts