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Yesterday, 19 Sep. 2022 @5pm, Alternator on my 2016 cargo Metris with 73k miles broke. There was a loud sound and "low voltage message" on the dashboard and Metris started to sounds like a tractor.
I connected OBD2 and the voltage with the engine on was 11.1 Volts. I immediately knew alt. was done for 馃槩
I thought to myself "Alt. broke. Ok. I'll replace alt. myself".
I've searched how to replaced Metris alt. but there is absolutely no videos on youtube how to do it.
The only videos I found was from C300. And by doing research I found that METRIS Engine = MERCEDES C300 W205 M274 class Engine. Is it correct?

I looked on MB VirtualBox WIS/ASRA, and instructions said in order to remove alt., A/C Compressor and Throttle Valve Actuator needs to be removed. I understand that Throttle Valve Actuator is in the way, but why to remove A/C compressor? Is it because the only way to get alt. out of engine compartment is from underneath and A/C comp is in the way?

C300 has a lot of free space between engine and radiator fan, but on metris, there is a lot of crap in the way of removing alt. and the free space non existent. On C300, alt. is not difficult to remove, but I looked in Metris engine compartment, and I'm horrified.

Has anyone here replaced alt. themself?
How difficult is to do it?
Any video or step by step instructions available somewhere?
Does Metris needs to be lifted or can be done with jacks?
How much $$ for a labor at the shop am I looking at for this job?
Is there a mechanic shop around Los Angeles/Hollywood/Van Nuys that can repair Metris van? I bet that none of the local shops performed any repair on the Metris van ever. I also think that none of them will torque bolts to the correct NM specs as well.

Please advise/point which alt. should I buy? What is the best alt. at the lowest price to buy without shipping a core back?
Mercedes Alternator - Valeo OE 0009067702 (180A) 14V A0009067702 @FCP $520
AutoZone has 5 Alternators that fits Metris. Like 200 amp $380 Duralast Alternator #11743 made by Valeo OE (but it looks different from the original on the picture, not sure if its a wrong picture or not but the other 4 looks exact). has 7 Alternators.
Is it better to buy alt. myself and just pay for the labor if I go to the mechanic shop?

I don't know if in its current condition, Metris even gonna make it on its own 4 to the local shop. Not sure if I should try driving to the repair shop. May need a tow...I don't know馃

What are my options/recommendations on how to approach this repair?


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As I read WIS/ASRA, you don't need to disconnect the A/C compressor, just loosen and move out of the way.

Duralast parts are very good. I have a 190 A alternator, you may have a 175A.
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