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I've been looking at vans for camping for a while. The Transit Connect is just too small. The Transit is too big (for what I need). Sprinter is too big/expensive.

I was unaware of the Metris until just recently. I used Costco purchasing - Invoice + $600. Painless.

It's coming from a couple of states away as finding cargo van that isn't white but has rear windows, rear camera, & tow package are darn hard to fine. I got misc other small options, too, as that's what it had. It's dark blue. The dealer was surprised (me too) that he found one with a fixed window in the passenger sliding door. That's good. Rear visibility in the one I test drove is BAD! I read the thread on the side mirrors before buying, and yeah, the mirrors are awful. The right side window ought to help a bit, although I may have to hang my head out the window if I want to merge left!

It should be here Friday! I'm excited.

I'm coming off of a pickup truck with canopy. It's outfitted Fan-tastic Fan, 100W solar panel, 2-deep discharge batteries, inverter, 600W Microwave, Dometic CF-35 refrigerator (Love that thing), LED lights, etc.

I'm looking at decking out the Metris similarly. But, more solar for sure!
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