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Backup alarm/beeper wanted

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I love my Metris, I also am concerned about backing it up. There are three of us, my family, running our vending business. I recently purchased the NAV-TV backup camera kit to add a backup view on the factory media box, but I would like to make it clear that the van is backing up. I know that the backup alarm is loud, and obnoxious. If there is anyone who disconnected their backup alarm/beeper and would be willing to sell/donate to our budding business. My eighteen year old son is the primary driver and I want to give them a fighting chance to avoid any backup issues. I would just go buy the part, but the **** thing is spendy. Consider it a recycling thing…Thanks
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Maybe some replacement white light bulbs with built-in beeper could be an option?
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Could be handy - and I may actually like that when towing, as it can be a bit tricky to back up with limited visibility - but for OP, I am not sure it will work without an actual trailer connected.

When I have played around trying to get a little power from the trailer plug, for a portable 12v light ... I had to simulate a trailer being there by hooking up some portable towing lights.
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