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I bought one of these back of the seat tables from Aliexpress. They are about $400 delivered so it took me a while to decide on picking one up. I have 1 kid and we are outfitted mostly to support only one rear passenger. With that in mind I only bought one table for the passenger seat. We'll see how it goes and if we want to add a second after I eventually add my 4th rail and support two captains chairs in the second row.

Generally, I think it's well built. There were no instructions, but it wasn't very hard. There is a bracket to install that uses existing holes in the seat frame. To wire hold downs are occupying the outside edge on the seat so you just pop the clips out. I decided I'd install the clips over the upholstery and foam because I didn't think there would be a way to pull the upholstery tie down tabs back down after the bracket was installed. The new back plastic slips in an you bolt the table hinges to the bracket. That required a modification. The hinges had some plastic bushings that were snug on the screws. That gives zero play on the screws to go into the bracket and made installing the screws impossible. I removed the bushings to get a little play and that worked a lot better. The bottom screws on the back plastic on these seats both OEM and these are the biggest PITA. I curse the design as the screw flops about and wont stay on a screw driver while you try to align holes you cannot see. Took my 30 minutes to get 2 screws in.

The only thing that is not working out is the seat upholstery has a splined hold down and the new part doesn't accept it correctly. I'll have to figure that out.

The table has a more "executive" feel than utilitarian. The surface is stitched vinyl rather than hard abs plastic. Overall, I like it. It's solid and feels OEM.

*forgive the mess and smudges. I was lucky to have taken any photos :)

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